10 December 2020

Machinery for your card making business

From starting your card making business from scratch, to moving into larger premises and investing in new and bigger machinery to keep up with the demand, we all need a little help with choosing the right machinery.

Small or home businesses

In recent years there has been an increase in individuals starting their journey as a card maker right in the comfort of their very own living room. From small cutting mats and precision scissors you might be looking to move into your first bit of machinery.
While you may not consider it a machine, a small paper guillotine, or paper trimmer, will offer you the ability to cut several cards to size in one easy move. As your business grows you can move on to automated cutters to make easy work for yourself.
An important aspect of card making, is that perfectly straight crease, right down the centre. Slightly off to the side and the whole appearance of the card is off. Investing in a creasing machine will allow you to get that perfect line every time. A smaller desktop model is great for home setups or smaller businesses and is available in both manual and electronic.
Depending on the type of cards you are looking to create, or whether you are looking to branch out into other card made items, such as wedding favour boxes, you might want to consider a die cutting machine. Small setups might see this as being too advanced for the business, however, it can greatly increase your capabilities, and the more practice you have to start with, the better results you will see. The Veloblade Volta die cutting machine is a smaller, fully automated, digital cutter, which is perfect for the on-demand projects.

Upgrading your business

If you are already a larger business looking to add to your machinery arsenal, or you are looking to upgrade your smaller machines to keep up with the demand on your business, there are a number of machines that we can offer you here at AfterPrint.
Using a manual guillotine for a larger number of cards can become quite the problem, with production bottlenecking at this stage. Investing in a large scale guillotine can help to ease the situation. From an electro-mechanical guillotine, up to a hybrid hydraulic guillotine for the larger organisation, our range of guillotines includes the right size for your demand.
Card creasing and fold machines are a wonderful introduction to your business as you start to grow. These machines enable you to create the traditional folded cards we all know and love, on a larger scale with minimal effort. The Eurofold touchline offers the greatest range of capabilities, and is a great addition for not only card makers, but to extend the business offerings to include the likes of book covers, menus and flyers.
As mentioned for smaller businesses, die-cutting machines open up the businesses potential for other cut items, and the more advanced the machine you buy, the more opportunities you are opening yourself up to. For example sign making, and booklets. The Grafcut LC-280 is a hydraulic powered cutter that offers precision cutting regardless of the material used.

For more information on any of our machinery, or to discuss your specific business needs please contact a member of our team who will be happy to assist you and guide you to purchasing the right machine for you. If you require any supplies to accompany your machinery please head over to the AfterPrint shop.