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Comb Binding

Comb Binding

Comb binding, sometimes referred to as cerlox or surelox binding, is a popular with the education sector.  Combs are re-usable and can be easily removed for document editing. Thus, making it ideal for heavily used and changeable documents such as training manuals.

Documents are punched to create an oblong hole along the document spine. Standard comb binding requires 20 or 21 holes to be created. Once the document is punched the comb can be inserted. The bind comb requires a comb opener to securely hold open the comb. The document is then loaded onto the comb to create the finished document. Once the document is all fitted, the comb is closed and the bind is complete.

Plastic combs are available in a variety of colours and sizes offering binding from 2 to over 450 sheets.

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