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Guillotine Blades & Ancillaries by Afterprint Ltd

AfterPrint supply a wide range of Guillotine Blades, Cutting Sticks and Ancillary products such as Jogging Blocks and Clamp pads.

Guillotine Blades:

A wide range of guillotine blades for all leading brands of Paper Guillotine. We supply blades for Ideal, EBA, Polar Mohr, Grafcut Perfecta, Wohlenberg, Duplo PFI Sunray & Horizon. We also stock specialist booklet maker trimmer blades for most Duplo models.

Our blades are available in Standard Steel and Super High Speed Steel (18% Tungsten). We always recommend you opt for the SHSS Blades as these remain sharper for longer and although require a higher initial investment often give a higher longevity of service.

Our blades all come in a secure wooden case for safe transportation and storage.

Cutting Sticks:

A wide range of guillotine cut sticks for all leading brands of Paper Guillotine. These include Ideal, EBA, Polar Mohr, Grafcut, Perfecta, Wohlenberg, Duplo PFI Sunray & Horizon.

Manufactured in Europe using high-quality injection moulding machinery and sold in packs of 5 or 10 sticks. Each stick has either 4 or 8 cutting positions for continued performance.

All guillotines use a cutting stick to provide a receiver strip for the Guillotine Blade to cut into. The resin used is designed to allow the blade to penetrate without causing damage to the blade.

Guillotine Ancillaries:

A range of products that compliment the use and upkeep of your Guillotine. We stock wooden and nylon resin jogging blocks in a wide variety of sizes for all types of guillotine applications. Magnetic clamp pads are popular with digital printers to prevent clamp marking on delicate media. Solvent cleaners and Silicone sprays keep your machine lubricated and allow easy movement of media around the working areas.

We also supply common parts for Ideal, EBA and Grafcut guillotines. Every thing from cut line bulbs to brake units are stocks ready for next day delivery.

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