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Surebind & Velobind

Surebind & Velobind

VeloBind & Surebind, also known as Legal Binding as it is most commonly used in the UK Legal system. A very secure bind for thicker documents up to 750 sheets.

The binding strips are made up of two parts. One half is the binding prongs which insert through the document. The other half is the receiver strip which the prongs penetrate to seal the document. First, 10 or 12 small holes are punched along the document spine. The binding prongs are inserted through the document until they protrude on the rear side. The cap strip is then fitted and the document is placed into the binding machine. Hot knives under the cap strip cut off the protruding binding prongs and seal the strip in place.

A very secure bind that requires a specialist tool to remove the bind for editing.

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