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Binding Materials by Afterprint Ltd

AfterPrint offer a Huge Range of Binding Materials. We stock Binding Wires, Binding Coils, Fastback Strips, Binding Covers, Surebind & Velobind Strips and Binding Glues.

Binding Wires:

Binding wires create wire bound documents, a popular commercial book binding method. Wire binding involves punching holes into a document, then binding the document using a steel wire. Unlike spiral binding which uses a single wire. Wire binding uses a twin loop wire to bind the document. Often referred to as Twin Loop Wire Bind although it has many names associated with it.

Documents that are bound with a twin loop wire will open completely flat on a desk. The wire allows for 360 degree rotation of the bound pages. The bind once applied is strong and robust. The strength of the bind makes it a popular choice for corporates and legal companies.

Create both desktop tent style and wall hanging calendars. Wall hanging calendars require the use of Calendar Hangers. Adding a hanger to your wire bound document allows the creation of bespoke calendars.

Coil Binds:

Coil binding also known as Spiral Binding is a continuous PVC filament formed in the shape of a spring. This form of binding is one of the newest in document binding techniques and offers a different option for many customers.

Coil binding or spiral binding is advantageous because the document, once bound, can lie completely flat. The coils are crush resistant which makes your documents very durable. Further to this, the coils themselves can be re-used virtually infinitely and are also fully recyclable. Plastic coils are the ideal choice to minimise your environmental impact.

Binding Covers:

Binding Covers all specially designed to create a professional looking bound document. We stock Clear PVC, Frosted Polypropylene and Smooth Gloss covers in varying sizes and thicknesses.

Binding Covers. Used for the production of wire, comb and coil bound documents and create a professional quality finished product. Our Binding Covers are specially designed for document binding, they are easily punched using a manual, electric or automated punching machine. The quality of our products is second to none that can add both protection and value to any document.

Fastback Strips:

Genuine Powis Parker Fastback Strips in both LX and SuperStrip formats. Fastback boasts the widest selection of colourful thermal binding strips allowing your documents to stand out.

Each Fastback strips uses several formulated adhesives to optimise the strength, durability and hold of pages whilst still allowing the document to open flat. The unique thermoplastic adhesives penetrate between and into each page for the strongest binds possible.

Fastback SuperStrips are compatible with the Fastback 11, Fastback 15 and the latest Fastback 20 models. The Fastback LX Strips are compatible with the Fastback 8 and Fastback 9 models only.

Superstrips require no pre-binding preparation and are directly inserted into the Fastback 15 & 20 Models. A barcode in the strip is read and allows the Fastback machine to set the correct temperature for the strip automatically.

Unlike the Fastback SuperStrips, the Fastback LX Strips require pre-binding preparation. These strips require folding before insertion into the Fastback 8 or 9.

Surebind & Velobind Strips:

A popular way to securely bind documents up to 750 sheets and is most commonly used by Legal Companies. The bind is very secure, long lasting and difficult to remove without special tools.

Advantages of this binding style are, you can use any size of binding strip for your document. If you only have a 75mm (3 ) strip available you can still bind any document size up to 750 sheets. However, using a larger size strip inherits more cost so it is advisable to use the correct sizes to match your document.

Binding Glue:

Binding glues for various book production applications. We offer the latest developments from Planatol & Henkel as well as our own range of Jelly Glue for Case Making Applications.

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