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Booklet Makers

Booklet Makers

Booklet makers are available in an assortment of shapes and sizes, to suit a range of requirements and budgets. Knowing which is right for you may not always be an easy decision, but here at AfterPrint our excellent range will have the right product for you.

We currently specialise in the Duplo International range of Booklet Makers and categorise our range into two main categories; entry level solutions with the Duplo 150 Booklet Makers and mid level solutions for the higher volume commercial printer with the Duplo 350 Booklet Makers. All models are available either as hand feed or with a choice of digital feeders and collator towers.

For the lower volume on-demand customers we also offer the Grafcut X14 floor standing stapler. Capable of both flat and saddle stapling it is the ideal solution for low volume booklet production. It is also a perfect backup to an existing booklet maker for awkward or odd sized media. The X14 is available as a single, double or quad staple head model with the ability to saddle stitch a booklet up to 100 sheets.

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