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Shredding Machines by Afterprint Ltd

In order to choose the right shredding machines you need to consider one main factor. All shredders are only as reliable as the person who is using it!

Shredders are often purchased purely on price resulting in a poor decision. Often creating further data loss as the shredder is simply too slow or troublesome to use for the volumes you are creating. Think before you buy, it is not about cost but requirements, ease of use and reliability.

DIN Security Levels

DIN Level P2 – Suitable for shredding internal documents such as company communications, instructions, notes, handouts, forms etc.

DIN Level P3 – Suitable for shredding sensitive and confidential data, as well as personal data. Items such as company P&L sheets, tax related information, private address information, confidential documents.

DIN Level P4 – Suitable for shredding confidential and sensitive data as well as personal data. Items such as payslips, contracts, tax related documents, medical information, pension documents etc

DIN Level P5 – Suitable for shredding data containing highly confidential information. Items that have an importance to a person or company such as a Patent or design document, competitor analysis, medical documents, prescriptions etc.

DIN Level P6 – Suitable for shredding highly confidential or secretive data such as military and government secure documents, research data, secure medical information that relates to a company or person.

DIN Level P7 – Suitable for shredding top secret data with the highest possible security precautions. Documents relating to homeland security, secret service, special forces.


Additional Information

The IDEAL document shredders are a quality “Made in Germany” product. The entire range of document shredders displays innovative design, and incredible reliability and boasts a long service life. This is backed with a unique Lifetime Guarantee on all Ideal’s document shredders. They are easy and extremely safe to operate too. This is proven by their certified quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Special design elements like, for example, the safety protection system or the Easy-Switch, set industry standards for operational security and ergonomics. Hardened, solid steel cutting blades, based on over 65 years of experience, high-quality materials and meticulous machining increase your sense of security. This is extended to include a promise to keep delivering replacement parts for all professional shredders, for at least 15 years after we have stopped production of a device. The perfect quality promise for you.

Sustainability and conservation of resources are also very important in the design of IDEAL document shredders. Certified environment and energy management systems, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 and 50001:2011, prove that the environment is very important to Ideal. IDEAL document shredders are the first to be certified with the Blue Angel ecolabel for energy efficiency and environmentally friendly practices.

Internal or External Destruction?

To effectively prevent data protection incidents, you require a water-tight organisation system, which includes all the departments in your authority, administration or company. This means that one personal document shredder is not enough: You require a combination of multiple professional shredders, strategically located, centrally and around the office, to ensure optimum security.

This also raises the question of whether to use an external data storage media destruction service or keep things in-house? At first, glance, contracting an external service provider to dispose of data storage media might be appealing. Due to aspects such as tied-up capital, responsibility and effort can be outsourced. However, if you consider and calculate the costs more thoroughly. It is often the case that the financial expense for the service provider and the rental costs for the removal container is significantly higher than acquiring your own document shredder. However, you should never delegate the responsibility for disposing of old data and information storage media.

According to law, anyone who records information is responsible for the protection of such data for as long as it is retained. This also included the disposal of said data, in such a way that is appropriate to data protection law and that makes further access to the data impossible. This means that outsourcing data storage media disposal is only advisable for unusually large quantities, otherwise, purchasing your own document shredder is highly recommended for regular quantities. By disposing of data storage media internally, you also avoid the risks associated with storing data in between collection times for long periods, and you can always check that the data is being destroyed in a lawfully appropriate manner.

New ISO / IEC 21964 (DIN 66399)

The ISO IEC 21964 is new, but its content is not. It is familiar content from the national standard DIN 66399, which is already in place. The ISO/IEC 21964 standardises the demands for the destruction of confidential data on an international level.

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