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Commercial Laminating Machines

Pouch Laminators, Roll Laminators, Automated Laminators

Experts in all types of laminating from roll to pouch to digital, we offer a wide range of laminating solutions to suit all requirements. Whether you are looking for a commercial laminating solution for constant use or you’re looking to protect personal documents, we have a machine to suit every need. We also offer expert advice to help you get the best performance out of your machine.

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Brands Available

Lami Corporation

Lami Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of professional laminating solutions including pouch, wide format and automated systems. At the forefront of laminating technology, specialising in automated solutions for the education & corporate markets. Latest additions including the Revo T14 offer automated laminating of digital prints too. Whilst the wide format Camellia and Azalea range offer incredible value and quality for the wide format markets.

Renz Laminating

Renz is probably best known for its robust, innovative punch-binding machinery & document presentation solutions. They have taken their expertise in that field to create a range of Pouch Laminators that offer incredible value combined with excellent quality. German build quality at its best.

Linea Laminating

The Linea range of roll laminating solutions is renowned for their excellent value for money and proven reliability record. Available in a variety of widths from 360mm up to 1,100mm they are the perfect solution for laminating banner prints and higher volumes not suited to a pouch laminator.

Matrix Laminating

The Matrix range changed the short-run digital laminating marketplace when they were first launched over 10 years ago. They offer high-quality digital laminating using OPP films as DUO or MX models. The DUO models are designed for smaller volumes but allow printers to bring low-quantity laminating back in-house. The popular MX series, now in its 5th iteration, incorporates pneumatically operated rollers for high-speed, high-quality laminating. The modular design also allows for the addition of an automated feeder as well as the ability to add foiling and special effects.

Grafcut UV Coater

Grafcut prides itself on excellent Polish manufacturing and design with over 40 years of experience in delivering industry-leading print finishing machinery. The Grafcut UV53 is not a laminator, it is a UV Coater. As oppose to films, the UV53 applies a wet laminate to your prints then cures the laminate under a UV lamp. Able to create a Gloss or Matt finish on virtually any substrate, it is the perfect solution for greeting cards, business cards and menus to name a few. UV Coating is also widely considered to be far more environmentally friendly than traditional laminating.

Laminating Terminology Explained

When discussing laminating machines you will hear many different terms which can cause confusion when looking to buy a new machine. Most of the terminology actually refers to the film type as opposed to the machinery, let’s help clear this up.

Single Side Laminating, Duplex Laminating or Encapsulation, What’s the Difference?

Single-side laminating is exactly that, it refers to applying a laminating film to one side of your print. Most commonly used for book covers, postcards, business cards, flyers & packaging materials. Single-side laminating machines use an OPP or BOPP film and only applies the film to one side of the sheet. Examples of this type of machinery are the Matrix MX370P and Matrix MX530P.

Duplex laminating is when you use an OPP or BOPP film on both sides of the sheet. Like duplex printing, you are effectively laminating both sides of your media. Commonly used for menus, Invitations, packaging materials and wedding stationery. A single-side laminating machine can achieve a Duplex finish but would require two passes. More commonly a Duplex Digital Laminator would apply this type of finish in one pass. An example of this type of machinery would be the Matrix MX370DP or Matrix MX530DP.

Encapsulation machines use a different type of laminating film known as PET to completely seal the media on all sides, hence the term encapsulation. PET films are stronger and more rigid than OPP films and add rigidity to your products. You will commonly see this type of film if you use a pouch laminator. This type of laminating is ideal for longevity as it completely protects the product from moisture, UV damage and dust/dirt. Commonly used for posters, point-of-sale items, maps, menus, memorabilia and highly valuable prints such as birth certificates. An example of this type of machinery would be the Revo Office auto laminator, Linea DH series or the Renz Lamigator IQ.

What is Toner Foiling?

Toner foiling is a specialist application that allows metallic foils and other effects to be applied directly to your prints. It is a very simple process that can be done with virtually any laminator, it just requires a combination of heat and pressure. The toner foils are attracted to the toner applied during the print process. The metallic effect simply transfers directly onto the toner when passed through a laminator. Commonly used to add value with embellishment, toner foiling is very popular within both the print and craft markets.

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