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Paper Guillotines by Afterprint Ltd

Paper Guillotines,

Cutters and Trimmers

As the UK’s premier specialist in print finishing equipment, we offer a wide range paper guillotines and trimmers to suit all requirements. Whether you are looking for a heavy duty industrial guillotine to use continually or you’re looking to complete small print jobs to a high quality, we have a machine to suit every need. We also offer expert advice to help you to get the best performance out of your machine.

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Brands Available

Grafcut Paper Guillotines

Grafcut pride themselves on excellent Polish manufacturing and design with over 40 years’ experience in delivering industry leading print finishing machinery. Their expertise mean that they are an excellent addition to the collection we offer. From this amazing company we offer both hydraulic and electric guillotines to suit your preference with all models coming complete with an Intelligent IR Safety System, Colour Touch Screen Controls and plenty of professional features that are unrivalled by other manufacturers.

AfterPrint are proud to the be the UK Distributor for the Grafcut range of Print Finishing Machinery and welcome any trial of their machinery in our Cheshire or Oxfordshire Showroom.

Ideal Paper Guillotines

Ideal are the most recognisable company when it comes to paper guillotines. The vast range that they have available makes them our largest offering of paper guillotines. Ranging from industrial hydraulic guillotines to smaller, benchtop, compact guillotines. Ideal paper guillotines are great for small to medium businesses on any budget.

Ideal Paper Trimmers

Aside from having the most recognisable guillotines Ideal also offer a vast range of paper trimmers. From occasional use to larger table guillotines this manual collection is ideal for any office or even home office environment.

Round Corner Cutters

Not all corners are square, and for this reason we now offer the option to invest in a round corner cutter. With options for the radius of your corners it is a great addition to your machinery arsenal. Round corner cutters are ideal for business cards, calendars and playing cards, amongst other medias.

Which guillotine is right for you?

Choosing the right guillotine needs to take into consideration two major factors, your price range and the required functionality.

For smaller offices who require a less industrial occasional guillotine a great example from the Ideal range is the 1134 Paper Trimmer. This entry level guillotine has precision cutting and a covered blade for safety.

For more industrial print finishers, who will use a guillotine a substantial amount we recommend the much more powerful hydraulic option. From Grafcut their flagship Guillotine G73H is our favourite. With its Intelligent IR Safety System, fully hydraulic operation and full programmable air table the Grafcut G73H is a great choice for a busy environment. From Ideal their flagship guillotine is the Guillotine 7260. With up to 99 programmes and class leading cutting speeds it helps to make the task easier on the users.

Our best selling paper guillotines for digital print environments are the two smaller Grafcut models, the G52 and the G52H. Both models have the ability to cut SRA2 in half and offer a cut width of up to 520mm making them ideal for cutting SRA3 sheets in both landscape and portrait orientations. The G52 models are further enhanced by the Intelligent IR Safety System, Intuitive Colour Touch Screen Display with 100 programs and full character naming for each job saved, a Professional False Clamp Plate with fully adjustable clamping pressure, even on the none hydraulic G52 which is an industry first. In our opinion the Grafcut range are the best guillotines available to the digital print market with the customer testimonials available to back our claims.

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