11 November 2021

Different Types of Paper Guillotines

We are proud of the expertise our team can provide. Our goal is to provide our customers with a simple and effective experience, whether it is investing in new equipment, trying to resolve technical problems, or when you only need basic consumables to keep the company’s wheels turning efficiently.

Our knowledge and trusted foundation in Print Finishing allows us to obtain exclusive UK distributors with a range of market-leading brands and technologies, including Grafcut, Lami Corporation, and Planax. Our team will continue to work unremittingly to find the wide range of the world’s leading manufacturers of paper guillotines and trimmers so that we can stay at the forefront of technology in the field of Print Finishing.

Grafcut Paper Guillotines

Grafcut is a company known for its high-quality polishing and Print Finishing Machinery with 40 years of experience as a designer and manufacturer of printing finishing machines, which manufactures guillotine cutting machines and other printing machines in Poland, The entire series of paper guillotine cutting machines (from hydraulic to electrical guillotines) are designed and manufactured with higher safety. All of their guillotines comply with strict IR safety systems and EU safety requirements, which are part of the complete CE certification. Grafcut paper guillotines excel due to their reliability in maintaining efficiency and standards in all their products. One of the vital features is the EN compliance, along with versatility, maximum width cutting of 520 mm.

Grafcut has a wide range of products (paper guillotine machinery) from AfterPrints. Most popular products include G52, G52H, G73 B1, and G73H B1 paper guillotines.

Ideal Paper Guillotines

One of the most recognizable companies in paper guillotines is Ideal Paper Guillotines because of their innovative designs and high-quality cuttings. They are offering a large number of paper guillotines that range from hydraulic paper guillotines to desktop, benchtop, and compact guillotines. They are the best option for any business (small to medium) with a friendly budget. All these properties make them no match with others.

Ideal Paper Guillotine has a wide range of products with various functions and measurements according to the needs of users. For example, the Flagship Model 7260, 6660 model, 6655 model, 5560LT model, 56 guillotine, 5255 model, 4860, 4855, 4815 model etc.

How Does Paper Guillotines Excel?

Paper guillotines can handle many papers, with higher accuracy and precision. These are driven by blades, clamps, and gauges for providing precision with larger volumes of paper. There are programmable control options.

Paper guillotines excel in the market range because they provide specifications for a wide range of school projects, DIY projects, businesses, etc. Moreover, they ensure quality by designing all the features with great care.

Wrapping up

AfterPrint happens to be a pioneer in the printing industry because of its excellent product design and the efficiency of the Grafcut paper guillotine. They are fully manufactured by the European Union and their high industry compliance further makes their product line stronger. So, this investment is worth it because you get everything like programmable controls, durable steel construction, fast-moving cutting parts, indicator LEDs, and critical safety features that other brands don’t normally have.