11 November 2021

Different Types of Paper Shredders

Without an office paper shredder, any office is incomplete. From smaller offices to large industrial organizations, paper shredders can help you easily destroy confidential waste. While buying an appropriate paper shredder machine for any office, some key points must be kept in mind to fulfill all the requirements and needs. The most important point is the estimation of the number of papers to be shredded, like whether it is for personal use in any office or at home or some industrial usage, on a daily or monthly basis.

You also need to keep in mind the type of paper materials that needed to be cut in the shredder. The primary purpose of most corporate departments using paper shredders is for the protection of privacy and security of personal or company documents. Therefore, it is very important to purchase a suitable, efficient, and high-quality paper shredder. Considering the paper volumes that need to be shredded on a paper shredder is one of the critical factors you must find out, and you must know all this before buying a paper shredder.

Paper Shredders for Offices

Our office series is smaller and compact, which means they can be hidden when not in use and take up very little space.

Office paper shredders are necessary for office sectors or any business. Although many of our clients are now paperless in most confidential paperwork, we still find the project slipped through the cracks. This is where a smaller shredder comes in hand, and although you know it may be rarely used, it helps ensure confidentiality and security when needed in any office. Paper shredders also prevent legal documents from getting into the wrong hands.

Paper Shredders for Industries

Shredding machines for industrial ranges are powerful and larger than small offices. The current range of our industrial paper shredding machines includes 70-700 sheets at a time.

Larger paper shredding machines are ideal for large organizations, especially when confidential information is stored in paper forms, such as medical institutions, banks, and parliaments. These larger shredder machines provide security settings that allow changing the width of the shredding, and further reducing the risk of data theft.

Tips for Purchasing

It is important to purchase a perfect and suitable paper shredder that helps in shredding the particular paper type using as different businesses use different kinds of papers.

The size and design of paper shredding machines must be considered because machines come with specifications for storing disposal papers.

Proper care and service of your paper shredder help you improve the lifespan and proper functioning of the machine.

Usage of Paper Shredders

Follow the accurate safety measures and instructions while using paper shredding machines to prevent any damage and injury. Keep in mind all the guidelines and measures while using office machines or larger industrial shredding machines.

Bottom Line

For further information on paper shredding machines, please contact our expert team, who will be available to assist you through any queries you may have. Or head over to the online AfterPrint store for your print finishing consumables.