11 November 2021

What You Need To Know About Grafcut Paper Guillotines

Welcome to the UK’s leading Specialists in Digital Print Finishing Technology, AfterPrint Ltd, that have more than 50 years of comprehensive experience and extensive industry knowledge base in the Print Finishing Field. The expertise allows AfterPrint to obtain exclusive UK distributors with a variety of market-leading brands and technologies, including Grafcut, Lami Corporation, and Planax.

Grafcut Paper Guillotines

Grafcut is a company known for its high-quality Print Finishing Machinery, which manufactures guillotine cutting machines and other printing machines in Poland, with 40 years of experience as a designer and manufacturer of printing finishing machines.

The entire series of paper guillotine cutting machines are designed and manufactured with higher safety. All of their guillotines comply with strict EU safety requirements, which are part of the complete CE certification.

How Grafcut Paper Guillotine works?

The Grafcut paper guillotine has a unique design, with the machine providing high-precision cutting through electromechanically driven clamps, blades, and gauges. The versatility of the Paper Guillotine is suitable for various paper materials with higher precision and programmable control panels. A wide range of paper guillotines from Grafcut can cut leaflets, business cards, flyers, labels, menus, books, posters, and much other paper stationery.

Range of Grafcut paper guillotines

Grafcut has a wide range of products (paper guillotine machinery) from AfterPrints. Most popular products include G52, G52H, G73 B1, and G73H B1 paper guillotines. Let’s discuss the range of products along with their salient features.

G52 and G52H Guillotine

G52 guillotine is an entry-level but powerful paper guillotine, driven by clamp, blade, and back gauge which is perfect for digital printing. While G52H has fully hydraulic controls and clamps making it perfectly suitable for higher requirements. The salient features include highly proficient cutting tools, electro-mechanical drive, pressure control by mechanical clamps, IR safety system, touchscreen control panel, fully programmed, pre-clamping mode, self-diagnostic system to pinpoint any faults, and many more.

G73 Guillotine

G73 guillotine is an electro-mechanically driven machine for digital printing with wider cutting ability, but G73H (fully hydraulic Grafcut) offers higher power. Both of these guillotines have high cutting capacities of dimensions 730×730 mm, thus making them perfect for digital printing media that offers landscape A4 capacity and banner printings.

The salient features of guillotine G73 are excellent cutting tools with touch screen control panels, qwerty keyboard, eject functioning, pre-clamping mode, incremental cutting functions, Red LED cutting guide for precise cuttings, and a self-diagnostic system for detection of any faults.

Common features

The common features of all the products comprise a table made of stainless steel, 4” colored screen control, mechanical clamps, full qwerty keyboard, LED lights, along with safety features i.e., PLC controllers and SICK Safety guards making them best in industry.

Applications of paper guillotines

The typical applications of paper guillotines include stationery, business cards, leaflets, labels, flyers, menus, cutting sheets and books, and digital printing.


AfterPrint proudly introduces a variety of Grafcut products, including its high-quality, superior designing Grafcut guillotine series. In addition, fully EU manufacturing further made them stronger as compared with others. Contact us now to get more information about our products.