11 November 2021

Features To Look For In Paper Shredders

Have you realized the security of the information flowing in and around your business, whether it is a small or a large business? As the digital age advances at record speeds, data breaches, hackers, and scammers are all seeking to obtain your data, whether it is digital or in physical form. You may be one of the victims whose data have been stolen. So, you have to understand the meaning of digital security and prevent identity theft by taking appropriate preventive measures.

However, many people left loopholes in the agreement on how to handle and process the documents. How does your organization handle the piles of paperwork that are thrown away? Do you send it to the shredder before throwing it in the recycling bin?

Office paper shredders are essential equipment in any office dealings with sensitive information. With so many models to choose from, do you have to choose the right paper shredder for your work or business?

Let’s look at choosing the right paper shredder machine for a business or office.

What Kinds of Paper Shredders Excel?

The first thing you have to keep in mind is the best shredder machine options. AfterPrint acceptable shredders include:

Cross-Cut Shredders

Cross-cut shredders are best for destroying sensitive materials. They help in shredding the paper into a bunch of the smallest pieces.

Cross-cut shredding machines provide a high level of security than strip-cutting machines because they turn the paper into countless pieces. They are great for shredding tax returns, bank statements, legal and business records, and documents containing personal information.

Strip-Cut Shredders

Strip-cut shredders are the common standard models in the industry. They tore the paper into vertical strips. However, they may not be the most chosen option for shredding sensitive documents.

Essential Features of Paper Shredding Machines


Paper shredders come in 6 different levels of security ratings. All the levels shred the papers with different widths that help in destroying the sensitive pieces of information such as emails, social security numbers, financial statements, birth dates, and credit transactions.

The capacity of Paper Shredders

Personal or desktop paper shredder models are best for home-based offices with smaller shredding capacity, i.e., up to 10 pages at one time. Office and departmental shredders have the capacity of shredding 20-40 sheets in a single going. While industrial shredders can shred 100 sheets which are best for mailrooms and warehouse documents.


The interlock feature prevents from accessing documents from unauthorized persons. Sensors in the shredders help to stop the machine from working if detected fingerprints.


Environmental protection agency says that paper shredding is environmentally friendly as these shredded papers are recycled into paper towels, toilet papers, tissues, etc.

Why Choose Professional Paper Shredding Services?

You could purchase an office paper shredder from a reputable and reliable brand and you can trust. Look for professionally-equipped and trained company names in the industry which are ultimately a substitute for poor companies or teams. AfterPrints provide you with a long service span with efficient services for your official requirements.