26 March 2021

Four Uses For A Paper Cutting Machine

Here at AfterPrint, we specialise in providing a wide range of suppliers with the Print Finishing Equipment necessary for their industries. One of our most popular ranges is our paper cutter machines. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes from some of the world’s leading brands, our paper cutting machines are used for a variety of reasons. In order to show how one of our guillotines could benefit your business, we’ve put together the following guide.

Bespoke Packaging For Your Business

Part of our paper cutter machine range is made up of digital die cutters. Originally made for cutting leather for the shoe industry as far back as the 19th Century, these machines are now utilised by a wide range of industries for other purposes. Due to their flexibility, many uses have been found for them from people trying to find the next big thing to catch a customer’s eye.

One of the most common things that we now see our die cutting machines being used for is bespoke packaging. With some of our machines holding the ability to cut through any flexible material up to 2mm, this also makes them perfect for producing signage, in store displays, point of sale media and so much more.

Perfect Corners Courtesy of Round Corner Cutters

Sometimes print finishing can rely on those all important final touches to perfect a product. For that reason, you may wish to invest in one of our Round Corner Cutting Machines. Despite their name, we can assure that no corners are cut in the making of this machinery. Whether you decide to opt for the Warrior model or our Grafcut range, you’re guaranteed exceptional build quality.

Thanks to the precision that these machines offer, and their ability to cut into thick stacks of paper or card, the possibilities are endless. Some of the most popular uses for these paper cutter machines are business cards, playing cards and luggage tags.

Ace Your Art Projects With a Paper Trimmer

Whilst a lot of our customers are looking for machines to really boost their print based business, we also supply equipment to those working on a smaller scale. Our paper trimmer range is a perfect example of this, as it’s often used for smaller craft and art projects. Our Ideal paper trimmers are also well suited to offices where they may be called upon to help boost productivity. As a result, they are commonly used in architects offices and even small print shops.

Ideal paper cutters are one of the most popular paper guillotines across Europe thanks to a proven reliability that few others can match. Not only that, but our paper trimmers come in a wide array of shapes and sizes to cater all the way up to lengths of 1,100mm and thickness of 4mm.

Boost Your Digital Print Business

The most popular ranges amongst our selection of paper cutting machines are as follows:

Both of these brands are from leading brands across the world. Thanks to our knowledge and standing in the Print Finishing industry, we have been able to secure exclusive UK dealerships with them.

Ideal Paper Guillotines

As we’ve already touched one, Ideal Paper Guillotines have swept over Europe thanks to their consistency in reliability and quality across the board. Our range of Ideal paper cutting machines offers a wide range of options suitable for any small to medium digital printer. From more entry level benchtop models such as the Ideal Guillotine 4315 to a more feature filled model like their range topping flagship Ideal Guillotine 7260, you’re sure to find the right fit for you. From higher education and universities to small to medium print rooms, Ideal Paper Guillotines are sure to help your business.

Grafcut Paper Guillotines

Here at AfterPrint, we are extremely proud to be able to offer Grafcut’s paper cutting machines as a part of our Print Finishing range. With over 40 years of experience as designers and manufacturers of print finishing machines, these are built to the highest standards. This is further backed up by the fact that they are produced entirely on their premises in Warsaw, Poland meaning that quality control is on point from inception to completion.

If you’re looking for something to take you to the next level of being a large printer, our Grafcut Guillotine’s can do just that. For example, the flagship Grafcut guillotine G73H has a powerful fully hydraulic drive of blade and clamp that is perfect for larger format requirements.
Despite the name, we can assure that no corners were cut in the making of these machines. However, in order to cater for everyone, there are also entry level options such as the Grafcut Guillotine G52.

Between both of these brands, you’re sure to find the right paper cutting machine to take your business to the next level.

Interested? Enquire About A Paper Cutting Machine Today

If you’ve taken an interest into any of our paper guillotines, please contact us. Our team is committed to helping you find the right equipment to solve anything from a technical conundrum or productivity lull. With over 50 years of experience in the Print Finishing industry, our team is well equipped to help in any way that they can. More information on all of our products, including detailed specifications can be found across our website. You can also find more helpful guides, FAQs and articles in our blog section.