14 January 2021

Grafcut revamps G73 Hydraulic Guillotine from January 2021

As the UK Distributor for Grafcut machinery we are excited to announce a revamp of the flagship Grafcut G73H Guillotine which adds further to the already impressive specification of the G73 Hydraulic Guillotine.

From January 2021 the Grafcut G73H will offer:

  • New high speed hydraulic system which increases the operating speed of both the Clamp and Knife by 30% versus the previous model. This equates to an improved, market leading, cycling speed of up to 14 cut cycles per minute.
  • Fully new back gauge system driven by Servo Motor offering market leading positioning speeds of up to 84mm per second. Servo Motor drive also ensures absolute precision on size positioning with zero delay in size recognition, equates to more cuts and less operator fatigue.
  • New electronic back gauge control handle allows the operator to manually position the back gauge in seconds, ideal for customers cutting from crop marks or for simple layouts that only require one or two cuts.

Adding the new specification to the incredible build quality and design of the Grafcut G73H Guillotine enables the Grafcut range to appeal to a wider market and can be considered a viable alternative to the established brands utilised in Commercial and Digital Print.

Don’t forget all Grafcut models are fully manufactured in Poland with every stage of the process completed in house. All control functions are software driven via a Delta PLC controller for ultimate reliability. All safety functions including the IR Safety Curtain are SICK controlled for ultimate reassurance.

Count on Grafcut for all your cutting needs!

Grafcut 73H Industrial Paper Guillotine
Fully hydraulic 730mm Paper Guillotine