29 March 2021

Hardbound vs Softbound: Which Binding Machine To Buy?

Here at AfterPrint, we have helped a variety of clients from the print and education industries to find the right binding machine. However, one of the common questions that we’re asked is whether they should opt for softbound or hardbound binding machines. The truth is that it largely depends on your needs and preference. To explore this further, we’ve put the following guide together.

What is Hard Binding?

When we talk about hard bound documents, we refer to those that have a hardcover. You will often see this used to achieve a more professional looking document. In terms of hard binding machines, there are a few ways that you can achieve this end result. The AfterPrint team is constantly scouring the globe for the most cutting edge print finishing technology. As a result of these efforts and our expertise in the industry, we have been able to secure exclusive UK Dealerships with some of the leading brands such as Grafcut.

Grafcut’s range of case making machines is perfect for achieving whichever hard cover that you desire. Giving you ultimate control over the size, thickness and materials involved, the possibilities are endless. Not only can you create high quality covers, but these machines are also capable of producing anything from ring binders, diploma holders, restaurant menus, clip boards and cases for CDs and DVDs.

What is Soft Binding?

When it comes to soft binding machines, there are a lot more options and a lot of what you’re looking for comes down to personal preference. Your options are as follows:

If you’re interested in creating professional style documents that look sleek and lay flat on the table, you’ll most likely be interested in Thermal, Perfect, Surebind or Velobind machines. These all involve gluing the pages together using either strips or a spine. However, due to the versatility of wire, comb and coil binding, these tend to be the more popular options for the educational sector. Whilst not as aesthetically pleasing as the hardcover options, they still provide a professional and heavy duty final document.

Which Binding Machine Should I Choose?

Whilst price can often dictate your decision, it’s important to not let it be the predominant factor. Instead, you should focus on your business’ needs and the desired end product. A lot of our ranges such as wire binding and coil binding come with both office and semi professional ranges. This allows you to consider the demands that you’ll be putting on the machine and which machine will be better suited to handling them.

In addition to the demands that you’ll be putting on the machine, you should also consider the desired final product. If you’re expecting the final product to withstand heavy use, you should consider more heavy duty binding machines such as case making machines. However, if the document isn’t going to be regularly used and the aesthetic doesn’t matter, a wire, coil or comb binding machine could be a better fit.

Binding Machines at AfterPrint

Now that you have a good understanding of the binding machines on offer, you can start to look for your desired model. If you’ve settled on an option, you can make an enquiry online today. Alternatively, if you have any questions before you take that next step, please contact us. Our aim is to provide you with a simple yet effective experience whenever you need new equipment. Therefore, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you with any queries that you may have.

More information on each of our ranges can be found online with full specifications available for each individual model. If you found this blog to be helpful, there are also many more just like it that you can find in our latest news section.