11 January 2021

Home Office Essentials

Whether you are running your entire business from an upstairs office, tucked away in a spare room, or you have now moved to working from home with the ongoing lockdown, there are a number of essentials you may need.

Setting up your home office

While there are some things we can’t help you with here at AfterPrint, we believe that everyone should have the right start to a home office. Ensuring that you have the appropriate furniture to operate is key, when you are uncomfortable, you become less productive.
Starting off with the right desk and chair can make all the difference, ensure that your chair has adequate support and your desk is neither too high or too low.
If you have moved from working in a larger office and are now home working, you might not realise all the machinery that you were using in the office, as you do, make notes to see whether you can have any of this at home, or whether it is something you cannot do from home.

Print Finish Essentials

Depending on the type of business you are running from home will depend on the essentials that you need. Start with creating a list of the basic items you require, from machinery to consumables. For example, small homemade cards makers, a guillotine and/or a die cutting machine make the job that little easier. Check out our range of digital die-cutting machines for more information.
Home binding options are plentiful. Here at AfterPrint our range of binding machines includes a variety of small office suitable machines, whether you are looking for a desktop option that can be put away when not in use to ones that come with their own stand that you can leave in the corner of the room. Don’t forget that you might need to consider a punch machine depending on the style of binding you are using.

Consumables at home

Many people who run their business from home, would have previously made a regular trip to suppliers for all of their consumables. However, since the UK has been placed into a number of lockdowns or tiers this might not be the case. Head over to the AfterPrint online shop to find a range of consumables for all print finish businesses.

And finally, while many organisations/small businesses have now gone paperless for all their confidential information, we would still encourage you to get yourself a small home shredder. You may not know when it will come in handy.

Here at AfterPrint, we aim to ensure that each of our customers has the most appropriate machines for their business to operate, no matter where they are running from. If you require any further information on any of our products, or have any questions about the best machine for your space, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our expert team today, who will be happy to advise you further.