23 May 2021

The Importance of Staples in Offices

Here at AfterPrint, we understand the importance of staples in offices, whether the traditional version or the home-working model adopted by many now.

When looking to equip a brand new office with the essentials such as computers, phones and printers you can’t forget about a stapler.

For this blog, we will look at a handful of ways staples can be used plus tell you more about our range of stapling machines.

4 Way to Use Staplers

1. Reliable Fastener – When you need to fasten papers, binder clips and paper clips you won’t want to risk one popping off and making a mess with papers strewn across the floor. Having a stapler handy ensures that your documents stay together.

This is especially important when dealing with large papers stacks, such as for manuals or training guides. A stapling machine is the best way to get the job done.

2. Professionalism – Staplers will make sure your documents look professional. While a hot pink binder clip may look cute, it may not impress the person you are handing documents to. A properly stapled document looks both polished and professional.

3. Organisation – It’s not just professional documents that need a stapler; messy papers on your desk can lower your productivity and waste time shuffling through pages to find what you need. A quick staple or two will solve this problem.

4. Other Uses – While the most obvious use for a stapler is fastening documents; here are a few other ways to use them in a workplace –

  • Packaging
  • Office space decorations (perhaps for birthdays, Christmas or even Halloween)
  • Wardrobe malfunctions

Grafcut Booklet Stapling Machines Explained

AfterPrint stock the Grafcut X14 Stapling Machine, which is a heavy-duty electrically operated stapling solution. This machine is ideal for the production of booklets, flat pads, pre-stitching difficult stocks for tape binding plus retail packaging.

The Grafcut X14 has the capability for saddle and flat stapling and flat and loop stapling possible without the need for tool changeovers.

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