19 February 2021

Maintaining Your Guillotine

Guillotines can be found in any number of offices, no matter which industry you are in. Some are used daily, others are seldom used. But how often are they maintained? And are you aware of any maintenance they may require?

Completing Your Own Maintenance

While many of our customers prefer to have one of our experts complete their maintenance we appreciate that some will also like to complete this themselves, during a natural downtime. That’s why we have compiled some tips on completing your own maintenance.

  1. Keep your knife sharp. You can either choose to sharpen your blade, or replace your knife. If you choose to sharpen it, please take great care and invest in a specialist sharpener. We stock replacement knives at our online shop.
  2. Keep your knife oiled. A number of machines may have their own oiling system inbuilt. However, ensure that the entire knife is oiled regularly so as no spots are missed, which can cause issues with your cutting.
  3. Keep to a schedule. Ensure that when completing regular maintenance yourself, you keep to a schedule. This can vary depending on the regular use of your machine. For example, a frequently used machine could be scheduled for once a month, whereas seldom used machines might be every x amount of uses.
  4. Keeping the area clean. This both includes while you are undertaking maintenance, such as ensuring that you do not leak oil, but also while the machine is in use. This can help to avoid damage to the machine and injury to its operators.

Maintenance While In Use

Along with regular downtime maintenance, there are also a number of things to remember while using your machine, that will help to get the best use out of it and also increase its lifespan.

  1. Remember the instructions. Each time you use your guillotine, remember the directions of use laid out in the instructions. These are there to help you keep to best practice.
  2. Ensure that your machine is adjusted appropriately. This includes to the right materials and to the right pressure. This can help to avoid mis-judged cuts and damage to the machine.
  3. Check your pressure. Ensuring that the pressure is appropriate for your task can help to not only ensure an accurate cut, but also that you do not damage the cutting surface of your machine.

Maintenance and Servicing with AfterPrint

Here at AfterPrint, we offer a service and maintenance contract. This means that all your maintenance will be completed by a certified professional ensuring that your machine undergoes the very best care and maintenance.
Our team has over 30 years of experience, this helps them to ensure that your machines will have minimal downtime whenever they are working with them. You can find more information on our Services and Maintenance page.

For more information on maintenance or service please feel free to contact our team of experts today. You can also check out our range of paper guillotines, available now.