5 June 2021

The Many Uses of Digital Booklet Makers

Here at AfterPrint, we stock an array of digital booklet makers; with one of our most popular models being the Mamo CUCE A3 Digit.

For this blog, we will look at this machine in greater detail and tell you all about its many benefits and uses.

What booklets can be made on our digital booklet makers?

Our booklet makers are used for church magazines, charity magazines plus an order of service booklet.

The Mamo CUCE A3 Digit is equipped with superior engineering that is wrapped up in a compact footprint that you can either bench mount or fit onto the optional mobile stand.

The size of the paper can also be easily adjusted through the knob placed between the stapling mechanism plus edge stapling is allowed because of the easy adjustment of the two stitching heads in four different positions. Up to four stitching heads can be added to this booklet maker for extra binding security on tricky substrates.

No matter the thickness of the booklet, the perfect centring of the staple is guaranteed thanks to an easily adjustable mechanism that consistently ensures the best results.

What are the different modes for the CUCE A3 Digit?

The Mamo CUCE operates in two modes – Manual and Auto mode. In Manual Mode, the stitching needs to be activated manually after feeding by pressing the start button, which is perfect for new users or stock that can be tricky to handle.

Alternatively, the Auto Mode will start the machine automatically after feeding and is controlled by an integrated photosensor that detects the sheets as they reach the rear stopper. Because of the auto start mode of the CUCE, you will be able to produce up to 800 booklets per hour!

Conclusively, the CUCE A3 Digit has an easy to use control panel plus a sturdy structure that ensure fast and cost-effective binding, whether for presentations, catalogues, menus or order of service.

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