9 November 2020

Grafcut Guillotine Success Story

Grafcut Guillotines are Proving a Real Hit with their Owners

AfterPrint Ltd took on the Grafcut UK agency in November 2019 and has since sold a number of machines around the UK with fantastic feedback from all our customers. The first machine sold went into a stationery suppliers in Huddersfield and is now one year old so we thought we should provide some feedback from that customer and their thoughts on one year of ownership with a Grafcut Guillotine.

Brief History of the Customer & their Previous Machinery

Tim who owns the company has a long history in print and has used a variety of guillotines over his tenure. He previously owned a couple of Ideals including a 2006 Ideal 5221-95EP Guillotine which he purchased new at the time, but later sold on due to other investments. As the demands changed the company invested in larger machinery and purchased another commercial print company inheriting a couple of Wohlenberg Guillotines. As a result, Tim and his team know exactly what to expect from a guillotine and don’t cut corners when it comes to the quality of the finished product or their machinery.

Why they chose the Grafcut Guillotine

Tim approached AfterPrint Ltd with a specific brief for a compact SRA3 guillotine specifically to cater for their digital work. As Tim and his team had previously used an Ideal the first conversation was to consider another Ideal which was the obvious choice. However, upon our recommendation, Tim came over to see the Grafcut G52 and G73H we have available for demonstration in our showroom. Once Tim had seen the smoothness of the cutting action, the build quality of the guillotine and how easy the machine was to program he placed an order on the spot. The model he chose was the Grafcut G52 which offers him a cut width of 520mm and a cut depth of 520mm, therefore perfect for his SRA3 digital output.

One Year with the Grafcut Guillotine – What are your thoughts of the machine

The Grafcut has been the best purchase we have made in a very long time, the machine just works. We often use the machine for extended periods to cut both thin delicate work, which easily marked on the larger Wohlenberg Guillotine but cuts effortlessly without marking on the Grafcut thanks to the pressure adjustable clamp. We also often cut grey board up to 5mm thick for use with our case making machinery. Everything we throw at the machine it just eats up, we really cannot recommend the Grafcut G52 highly enough.

For more information, please get in touch and a member of our expert team will be able to discuss your guillotine requirements.