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AP Binding Wires by Afterprint Ltd

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AfterPrint Ltd supply a wide range of Trade Binding Wires in both 3:1 pitch (Sizes 4 to 9) and 2:1 Pitch (Sizes 10-20). We stock various colours and sizes. Produce a professionally finished document to your own specification.

Unlike other binding styles, Wire Binding is split into two formats known as Pitch. The two pitches relate to how many holes are punched in a document over a distance of one inch. For example, 3:1 Pitch would mean you have 3 holes per inch; 34 holes down the long edge of an A4 sheet or 24 holes down the short edge (A5 long edge). A 2:1 Punch pattern would be larger holes which cover the one inch distance with just two punched holes. This would create 23 holes down the long edge of an A4 and 16 holes  down the short edge (A5 long edge).

This difference is mainly for aesthetic reasons. However, punching small 3:1 holes in a thick document would make it harder to open and would create a significant weakness down the spine. Therefore 3:1 Pitch wires are limited to a maximum size of 14.3mm or Size 9. Thus allowing, a maximum binding thickness of roughly 120 sheets of 80gsm paper. For thicker documents above 120 sheets you would need to be able to punch your document in the 2:1 Pitch.

If you are unsure simply count the holes down the length of your document. 34 holes you require 3:1 Pitch wires, 23 holes you require 2:1 Pitch wires.

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