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Fastback Strips

Fastback Strips

AfterPrint supply a wide range of genuine Powis Parker Fastback Strips in both LX and SuperStrip formats. Fastback boasts the widest selection of colourful thermal binding strips allowing your documents to stand out.

Each Fastback strips uses several formulated adhesives to optimise the strength, durability and hold of pages whilst still allowing the document to open flat. The unique thermoplastic adhesives penetrate between and into each page for the strongest binds possible.

Fastback SuperStrips are compatible with the Fastback 11, Fastback 15 and the latest Fastback 20 models. The Fastback LX Strips are compatible with the Fastback 8 and Fastback 9 models only.

Superstrips require no pre-binding preparation and can be inserted directly into the Fastback 15 & 20 Models. A barcode in the strip is read and allows the Fastback machine to set the correct temperature for the strip automatically.

Unlike the Fastback SuperStrips, the Fastback LX Strips require pre-binding preparation as they need to be formed into the shape of the book spine as they are placed in the Fastback 8 or 9 models. As a result, the LX Strips are packed pre-folded making them easy to use.

We carry stock of all Fastback Strips in 6 different colours. If your chosen colour is not currently listed then please contact us for availability.

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