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Surebind & Velobind Binding Strips

Surebind & Velobind Binding Strips

Surebind & Velobind are a popular way to securely bind documents up to 750 sheets and is most commonly used by Legal Companies. The bind is very secure, long lasting and difficult to remove without special tools.

Please ensure you are ordering the correct type of bind for your machine as Surebind & Velobind are different.

Firstly, check the quantity of pins on your previous documents or count the holes you have punched on your machine. Surebind strips have 10 pins whereas, Velobind strips have 12. Further to this, Surebind strips also have an extended pin on one side to indicate the correct orientation to place the strip in the machine. It is important to note the difference as Surebind strips will not work on a Velobind machine and vice versa.

The advantage of this style of binding is that you can use any size of binding strip for your document. If you only have a 75mm (3″) strip available you can still bind any document size up to 750 sheets. However, using a larger size strip inherits more cost so it is advisable to use the correct sizes to match your document.

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