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Plastic Binding Coils

Plastic Binding Coils

  • 4:1 Pitch (4 Holes per Inch)
  • A4 Length as Standard – A5 & A3 Available by Special Order
  • Binds from 10 to 350 Sheets
  • Available in Black & White – Up to 45 Colours by Special Order
  • All Boxed in 100 Coils Per Box
  • Simply Select Your Desired Colour & Coil Size (If unsure use Chart Below)
  • If you Require Multiple Boxes of One Size & Colour you can Change the Quantity of Each Item at Checkout
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£14.65 - £65.00 ex VAT

£17.58 - £78.00 incl VAT



Coil binding also known as Spiral Binding is a continuous PVC filament formed in the shape of a spring. This form of binding is one of the newest in document binding techniques and offers a different option for many customers.

Coil binding or spiral binding is advantageous because the document, once bound, can lie completely flat. The coils are crush resistant which makes your documents very durable. Further to this, the coils themselves can be re-used virtually infinitely and are also fully recyclable. Plastic coils are the ideal choice to minimise your environmental impact.

We stock plastic coils in Black and White in A4 format. However, we can supply coils in up to 45 colours and in A5 and A3 lengths by special request.

Unsure of the size you require? Use the chart below to assist you.

Plastic Binding Coils Guide Chart.

Coil Diameters Packing Unit Pieces Binding Capacity
Metric Pitch
6mm 4:1 100 30
8mm 4:1 100 50
10mm 4:1 100 70
12mm 4:1 100 90
14mm 4:1 100 110
16mm 4:1 100 130
18mm 4:1 100 160
20mm 4:1 100 190
22mm 4:1 100 220
25mm 4:1 100 250
28mm 4:1 100 280
30mm 4:1 100 320
32mm 4:1 100 350

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