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PUR Glue

Duplo Easyload PUR Cartridges

  • 1 Box of 6 Cartridges
  • Only Suitable for Use with Duplo Ultrabind 2000 & 2100 Models
  • Good Bonding Strength on Difficult Papers
  • Fast Curing Characteristics – 50-80% of the Bond Strength Achieved in Under 18 Hours
  • Very High Quality Glue from Duplo
  • Looking for Henkel Technomelt PUR Glue? Click Here
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Duplo Easyload PUR Cartridges suitable for use with the Duplo Ultrabind 2000 and 2100 PUR Binders Only. Easy screw on format specially designed for use on the Duplo Ultrabind 2000 & 2100 PUR binders.

High quality PUR Glue that shows excellent adhesion to a variety of papers and materials. It is well suited to bonding materials that would normally be classed as difficult to bond. Depending on external conditions, 50-80% of the bonding strength can be achieved in 12 to 18 Hours. Such a potentially short curing time, for a PUR glue, makes it ideal for short run digital print that require quick turnaround.

The Duplo Easyload PUR Cartridges are packed in one box of 6 individual cartridges.


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