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Thermal Binding

Fastback 20 Thermal Binding Machine

  • High Speed Thermal Strip Binding Machine
  • Binds from 10 to 350 Sheets
  • Completes a Bind Every 15 Seconds
  • Produce up to 180 Books Per Hour
  • One Button Technology
  • Perfect for Virtually all Binding Requirements
  • Very Simple to Use – Insert Document, Press Green Button, Insert Strip
  • 6 Different Binding Styles on One Machine
  • Very Reliable with Zero Maintenance
  • Lay Flat Binding
  • Very Secure & Strong Bind
  • Silent in Operation – Can be Used in an Office Environment
  • Bound Documents are Fully Recyclable – Low Carbon Footprint
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The Fastback 20 is a compact professional thermal strip binding machine. Professional-looking bound documents at the touch of a button. The Powis Fastback 20 binds up to 350-page documents in under 15 seconds. With up to 6 Binding Styles including thermal strip binding, lay-flat binding, perfect binding and hardcover binding. The Fastback 20 has the ability to meet any requirement in one compact product. Whichever bind style you choose you can be sure of a secure and strong bind that will last for years of repeat use thanks to the patented glue lock technology.

The Fastback 20 is easy to use with one-touch functionality. The clear integrated LCD display provides step-by-step instructions, guiding the user as they insert their book block, choose a spine strip and then press the green button to start. Not only this, the machine has the capability to read the strip type from the clever printed glue pattern on each strip. This patented technology ensures the Fastback 20 operates at the perfect temperature for each strip type and automatically adjusts to meet the requirement of the strip in use.

Simplifying the binding widths into three distinct sizes further enhances the usability of the Fastback 20. Just three strip widths are available to cover all book thickness from 10 to 350 sheets, narrow, medium and wide which minimises the need to carry lots of differing sizes in stock and reduces overall outlay on consumables. Powis also offer the Image Strips which allow you to customise the strips to your own design with logos and other imagery, ideal for brand awareness and making your product stand out from the crowd.

The Fastback 20 offers a compact and professional thermal tape binding machine which is ideal for the corporate office, digital copy shop and education environments.

Why Fastback?

Powis (Owner of Fastback) has dedicated 30+ years to bringing beautiful, intuitive binding solutions to market. The Fastback line radically simplified document binding without sacrificing quality or speed. Powis are committed to delighted customers and exemplary products.

Powis is the brainchild of found Kevin Parker, a true inventor at heart. He began bookbinding at the age of twelve upon discovering an antique cast-iron bookbinding press in the basement of his parents’ house. While attending high school, Kevin handcrafted and bound portfolios for artists who worked with Crown Point Press. These early experiences taught him a deep appreciation for authentic relationships and quality presentation. It is this dedication to detail that makes Fastback different, yet simple to use and very effective in what they produce.

5 Reasons to Buy a Fastback 20

  • Bind any document from 10 to 350 sheets in under 15 seconds
  • Very secure strong bind
  • Extremely simple to use in any environment – One button technology
  • 6 Binding styles on one machine
  • Silent in operation – perfect for the office

Typical Applications – Fastback 20

  • Training Manuals
  • Proposals
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Financials
  • Tenders
  • Classroom Books
  • Marketing Literature
  • Binding Capacity – Up to 350 Sheets
  • Binding Speed – Up to 180 Books Per Hour
  • Binding Time – 15.35 Seconds
  • Warm-Up Time – 3 Minutes
  • Max Binding Width – 297mm
  • Min Binding Width – 105mm
  • Optimal Paper Weight – 75 to 120 gsm
  • Editing Capability – Yes, 2 Edit Cycles
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) – 600 x 370 x 580mm
  • Weight – 30 Kgs
  • Power Requirement – 230V – 3.5A


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