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Shredder Bags & Shredder Oils

Ideal Shredder Bags

  • High-Quality Tear Resistant Plastic
  • Seals and Contains your Shredded Waste
  • Outer Box Contains 50 Shredder Bags
  • Available for all Ideal Shredders, contact us if your preferred option is not listed.
  • Simply Select your Shredder Model & Box Quantity


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£39.00 - £210.00 ex VAT

£46.80 - £252.00 incl VAT



Ideal Shredder Bags for the complete range of Ideal & EBA Shredders.

Ideal shredder bags ensure that dust is collected within a sealed unit and cannot escape. All waste is kept within the sack for easy removal and disposal. Just try to empty the main shredder waste box in an outside bin or skip. You will immediately see the benefit of a shredder bag. It is easy to have your shredded waste blown around the car park or even onto the public highway. A shredder bag totally prevents this.

Our high-quality, tear-resistant Ideal shredder bags are designed to securely hold shredded waste including CD’s, DVD’s, Paper Clips & Staple filings. Remember, if you shred documents with paper clips or staples then those small metal parts will be in the sack when you remove them. Lower quality waste sacks may be damaged by these metal pieces and cause the bag to fail and your confidential waste to spill out.

All our shredder bags are sold in outer boxes containing 50 sacks.


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