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Guillotine Ancillaries

Specialist Solvent Cleaner SC2

  • Cleans & Degreases Chains, Gears, Cogs & Mechanical Components
  • Ideal for Use on Guillotine Blades to Remove Unwanted Residue
  • SC2 is non-chlorinated and evaporates quickly
  • Fully COSHH certified.
  • 400ml Tin.
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Specialist Solvent Cleaner “SC2” is primarily designed to remove hardened grease and oils from chains, cogs, gears and other components within a mechanical machine. However, it is also ideal for removing stubborn residues such as glue or bonding adhesives from Guillotine Blades and surrounding areas of the guillotine. Very useful for blade clean down after cutting perfect bound books or spine glued documents.

Best used in partnership with our Silicone Spray. After cleaning down, spray your blade with our silicone spray to prevent further glue build-up.

Specialist Solvent Cleaner is non-chlorinated and evaporates quickly when cleaning and de-greasing electrical motor parts and equipment.  Not to be used on circuit boards or similar delicate items.

Fully COSHH certified.

400ml Tin.

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