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Stitching Wire & Staple Cartridges

Staple Cartridges

  • Two Variants Blue Cap Rapid & Clear Swingline ‘Snail’ Cartridges
  • Compatible with Varying Models from a Wide Range of Manufacturers (See List in Description)
  • Standard Boxes Contain 3 Cartridges
  • Bulk Packs Contain 18 Blue Cap or 24 Snail Cartridges (Bulk Discounts Apply)
  • Simply Select your Cartridge Type & Quantity
  • Unsure? Call Us for Expert Advice or Simply Send an Image via Email & We will Reply with the Correct Cartridge Requirements
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£18.75 - £495.00 ex VAT

£22.50 - £594.00 incl VAT



AfterPrint supplies a range of staple cartridges to suit a variety of Manufacturer machines. Our staple cartridges are used in a wide range of machinery. Including electric staplers, booklet makers, printers and copiers.

We offer two staple cartridge formats. Blue Cap staples are Rapid cartridges and the clear ones are the Swingline snail cartridges. (See images if you are unsure)

The Blue Capped Rapid Staple Cartridges are compatible with the following machines:

  • Duplo DBM150 Booklet Maker
  • Watkiss Bookmaster
  • Plockmatic BM350, BM500 & BK5030 Booklet Makers
  • Rapid 50/50 Stapler

The Swingline Staple Cartridges (Snail design) are compatible with a wider range of machinery including:

  • Duplo DBM120 Booklet Maker
  • Plockmatic 82, 102, 1020, BM2000
  • KAS Booklet Makers (Please check as not all models are compatible)
  • Xerox, Canon & Ricoh Print Engines (Please Check, before purchase)
  • ACCO Rexel Swingline Stapling Machines (Electronic)

Both cartridges contain 5,000 staples and are sold in a standard box quantity containing 3 cartridges with bulk buy options on both cartridge types. Blue Capped Rapid Cartridges are available in an outer case containing 18 cartridges with a discounted rate. The Swingline Snail Cartridges are available in a 24 bulk pack with a discounted rate.

AfterPrint also offer preventative maintenance visits and repairs for the Duplo DBM 120 and Duplo DBM 150 Booklet Maker.  Contact us if you would like a free no obligation quote from one of our Duplo International Certified Service Engineers.  We offer one off visits as well as competitive annual preventative maintenance contracts.


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