22 February 2021

Shredding Machines from AfterPrint

No office is complete without a shredding machine. From small offices to large industrial organisations, a shredder can help you to destroy confidential waste with ease.

Office Shredding Machines

As we say no office is complete without one, we wouldn’t be fair to only offer large, industrial shredders, when many of our customers would only require a small office shredding machine.
Our office range are smaller and more compact than industrial machines, meaning that when they are not in use, they can be hidden away, taking up little space.
While many of our customers have now gone paperless for the majority of their confidential paperwork, we still find items slipping through the cracks. Here is where a smaller shredder comes in handy, while you know it will hopefully be seldom used, it helps to ensure confidentiality when required.

Industrial Shredding Machines

Industrial shredding machines are far larger and powerful than our smaller office range. With the current smallest in the range shredding 70 sheets at a time, to the largest shredding 700 sheets.
These machines are ideal in a larger organisation, especially where confidential information is held in a paper format, such as in medical organisations, banks and councils.
These larger machines offer 2 security settings allowing you to change the width of shredding, reducing the risk of data theft even further.

Using Shredding Machines Safely

As with other machines, using shredding machines without following the appropriate safety measures and guidelines can result in injury or damage. Please ensure that whether you are using smaller office machines or industrial shredders all measures are followed.

For more information on shredding machines, please contact a member of our expert team today, who will be able to assist you with any queries that you may have. Remember to head over to the AfterPrint online shop for your print finish consumables.