4 January 2021

University binding with AfterPrint

When it comes to the end of the final term for university students, print stores around universities rejoice. Knowing that there will be an abundance of dissertations that will need printing and binding is one of the things that keeps them going through the quieter periods of the year.

Types of binding

Universities often have their own guidelines as to which type of binding is required for dissertations. This can also vary depending on the faculty itself. So if you are looking to move into university binding, it’s worth knowing the different types of binding that are available and that you might be asked for.

Wire, coil and comb binding

These three styles of binding are all very similar and are commonly used in the education sector for learning materials. Each of these styles of binding requires the documents to be punched then either a wire or plastic spiral (or plastic comb) to be threaded into the holes, thus binding the document together. Each of these allows the document to be opened entirely flat without bending any of the pages.

Thermal and Perfect binding

Thermal binding is the use of linen strips, coated in thermoplastic glue, applied to the spine of a document to form a strong bond. Perfect binding is most commonly seen with paperback books, with the use of glue to hold a document and its cover together in a permanent bind. Neither of these methods requires hole punching, and both deliver, in essence, a professional book format.

Binding machines

Whether you are looking to set up your binding business all year round, or you’re looking for a smaller machine you can dig out for dissertations, AfterPrint has the selection to suit you. Many of our types of binding machines range from the office range (usually small desktop machines) to large scale professional machines. Remember, if you invest in a small machine to start with, you can always upgrade further down the line to meet the demand.

Punching machines

If you are looking to invest in wire, comb or coil binding, you will also need to invest in a punching machine. Here at AfterPrint, we have a range from semi-professional to professional, meaning we can accommodate your needs and the demand that the machine will be under. If you are using this for university binding, remember that the demand will all be in a short space of time rather than spread out. So investing in a higher-powered machine may help you during that time.

For more information about any of our binding machines, or to discuss the best binding machine for your business please contact us today and a member of our expert team will be happy to assist you. If you require any supplies for your binding please head over to the AfterPrint shop.