5 March 2021

What are the Different Types of Binding Machines?

Here at AfterPrint, we specialise in providing digital print finishing equipment to a wide array of clients. One of our most popular ranges is our binding machines. However, a lot of people tend to get stuck wondering which machine they need for their relative project. To help them out, we’ve put the following guide together.

What Types of Binding Machines Are Available?

Here at AfterPrint, we supply binding machines for the following types of binding:

Each of these binding methods is fit for a variety of different purposes and sometimes all it can boil down to is personal preference. However, we’re here to explain each in a little more depth.

Comb Binding Machine

Comb binding machines are extremely popular in the education sector, with many students being offered this as the default dissertation binding method. What tends to make them so popular is their flexibility. The binding method uses round plastic spines with 19 or 21 rings and a hole puncher to make the rectangular holes.

Punching Machines

These binding machines tend to be used more for heavy duty paper punching for high speed production. The great thing about our punching machines is that commonly, they have the ability to punch any style of binding that you require.

Thermal Binding

Thermal binding tends to prove popular in a variety of different sectors, being used widely in the corporate, further education and university print room environments. One of the great benefits of this type of binding is that they lay flat, making them easy to read. To achieve this finish, pages and the cover are glued together at the spine, with a strong and flexible linen strip that incorporates a thermal glue.

Surebind & Velobind

We’ve grouped surebind and velobind together as they’re both known as legal binding. This method involves punching several small holes along the edge of an unbound book. From here, the binding strip is inserted and the hot knives are used to seal the strip in place.

Case Making Machines

If you’re looking for a hard cover or thread sewing, our case making machines are perfect. What’s great about this method is its versatility, as you’re able to create any size, thickness and design that you want. Our Grafcut range makes it easy to create custom hard covers, ring binders, diploma holders, restaurant menus, clip boards and cases for CDs and DVDs.

Interested? Enquire About Our Binding Machines Today

If you’re interested in any of our binding machines for your business, please contact us. Our friendly and knowledgeable team have over 50 years of experience in the print finishing arena, leaving them well equipped to assist you with any queries. Alternatively, more information on all of our product ranges can be found online. In addition, you can find more helpful articles, guides and FAQs in our blog. For example, why not read our guide on the differences between binding machines and booklet makers?

Some of our products can also be ordered online through our online store. Here at AfterPrint, our aim is to provide our customers with the equipment to solve a technical conundrum or keep the wheels of your company in motion. For this reason, if you decide to use us, our team will work tirelessly to supply you with the best service and equipment for your needs.