12 February 2021

What is a Booklet Maker?

Here at Afterprint, our team specialise in providing a variety of print products to a wide breadth of clients. One of our most popular ranges is our booklet makers. From entry level machines, to the best of the best, we’ve got a booklet maker suitable for every workload.

If you’re considering getting a booklet maker for your business, you may be interested in finding out more about what they do, how they do it and what is available. To help with this, we’re going to answer all of these questions in our latest blog.

What Can A Booklet Maker Do?

Before we can answer this, it’s important to understand that the capabilities depend on which model you opt for. If you opt for a lower range entry level model, it’s unlikely to be able to match the pressures that a high end machine can handle. As a result, it’s all about finding the right machine for your needs. What’s great about our range is that some of our products can be scaled up as your business grows.

Put simply, booklet makers are intended to provide businesses with a quick and easy way to produce professional booklets. Common documents produced by a booklet maker include, but are not limited to booklets, flat pads, pre-stitching difficult stocks for tape binding and retail packaging. Depending on the model, our booklet makers can be capable of producing up to 5,000 booklets an hour. Our largest models also boast A4 Landscape and 300 mm square booklet capabilities.

Which Booklet Maker Do I Need?

As mentioned above, we deal with a variety of clients that all require different things from their booklet makers. As a result, we have a wide range of booklet makers, that caters for every need and environment. Our range is split up into the following five categories:

Booklet Stapling Machines

If you’re looking for a low cost entry into professional booklet making, our booklet stapling machines will not disappoint. Often referred to as Saddle Stapling due to the saddle design of operating tables, these are an impressively versatile addition to any business. One example of their versatility is that all of our models can offer the added benefit of flat pad stapling. Bought as it is, the Grafcut X14 Booklet Stapling Machine is capable of stapling up to 55 sheets (5.5mm). However, optional additions are available to increase this function and many more.

Duplo 150 Booklet Makers

Our range of Duplo 150 Booklet Makers have all of the features included in a big booklet machine, packaged into a compact frame. Due to their size, these are ideal for those wanting to produce a low to medium volume of booklets in house.

As your business grows, so can the Duplo DBM150 and DBM150T. Their modular design allows for them to be scaled up or down depending on the requirements of your business. If you work in the educational sector and you’re looking to start offline booklet production, the Duplo 150FR could be perfect. This model is also ideal for any companies that just work with traditional paper types and uncoated media.

On the other hand, the Duplo 150C is perfect for offset and digital printers. Its high powered suction collator towers make it the most productive setup in the Duplo 150 range. Finally, for the digital printers’ ideal solution, look no further than the Duplo 150DBS. With the capability to finish sheet by sheet, digital print output has never been so easy.

Duplo 350 Booklet Makers

With more features, including a fully automated system, the Duplo 350 range is perfect for large jobs that will be repeated over and over again. Its memory allows for jobs to be stored by the machine for future use. The Duplo 350 range is easy to use, quick to set up, economical to run and scalable for when your business grows. Aimed at the mid-range print market, these products are perfect for University Inplants and Commercial Digital Printers.

Duplo 600 Booklet Makers

If you need a booklet maker that will be comfortable producing a high capacity, the Duplo 600 is perfect. As a high capacity system, it’s intended for larger scale digital commercial printers. As a result, it’s capable of processing up to 600 sheets a minute and can handle anything up to A4 landscape and 300mm square booklets.

This system can also grow in line with your business and is driven by an automated, precise, intelligent system. Whether you opt for the Duplo 600i or the Duplo 600i Pro, you’re guaranteed high speed, stress-free booklet making.

Duplo iSaddle X Booklet Makers

The all new iSaddle X has officially taken over from its predecessor as the most versatile, agile and intelligent saddle stitcher on the market. With increased versatility across format sizes and integrated barcode readers for complete data integrity, this range can help you stand out from the crowd. The ability to offer your customers different booklet sizes and substrates could be key in dramatically increasing your profit.

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