1 January 2021

What is foil laminating?

We all know of the standard clear lamination, where we heat a form of plastic over a piece of paper to create a coated – or laminated – document. These documents can then be cleaned if required, they reduce the risk of creasing, and overall protect the document.
So what is foil laminating?

Foil Laminating

Foil laminating is the application of a foil toner to complement your lamination. The foil applies only to toner, leaving a clear area where no toner is applied. Perfect for spot foiling when producing wedding invitations, luxury business cards and flyers.
Foil laminating offers an additional pop of colour to your lamination, from an iridescent glow, to striking metallic colours, it can give your document a stand out feature.

Which laminator?

A wide variety of laminators can be used for foil lamination, however, the best is one that has an adjustable heat setting. For small scale foil lamination, is it often recommended that a pouch laminator is the best choice. For example, if working with sizes up to A3, our Peak Educator 332 A3 Pouch Laminator would be a perfect addition. However, on a larger scale, this may not be an appropriate method. If you are operating on a larger scale, please contact a member of our team to discuss the best laminator that works with foils for your requirements.

Who uses foil lamination?

There has been an increase in the use of foil amination, across a number of industries, from wedding invites and card makers to magazines and even children’s book publishers. Foil lamination can increase the visual appeal for any setting you choose.

Here at AfterPrint we have a wide variety of laminators that are suitable for foil laminating. For more information on the best one for your needs, please get in touch with a member of our expert team today. We also have a selection of toner foils in stock on our online shop.