28 October 2021

What You Need To Know About Grafcut Paper Guillotines

With immense digitalisation in this decade be it for the pandemic or otherwise, as much as the printing press’s role has come down, the crowd towards online business has increased multifold. Undoubtedly, a paper guillotine is highly in-demand machinery for both small and large businesses. Not only for businesses but also for diverse projects, paper guillotines are in the limelight now more than ever. As a result, finding an all-rounder paper guillotine that serves all your needs is extremely difficult. Grafcut paper guillotines are the best to choose from with the company’s 40 years of rich experience in designing and manufacturing printing press equipment.

How does Grafcut Paper Guillotines work?

Grafcut paper guillotines are uniquely designed and the machinery gives high-precision cuts through electro-mechanically driven blades, clamps, and back gauges. What’s more interesting is the versatility of this machinery for diverse paper stocks with high-precision and programmable control panels. From leaflets, flyers, business cards, tags to menus, posters, books, and a lot of other paper stationery can be cut using their wide range of paper guillotines.

Grafcut’s Range of Paper Guillotines and Features

From AfterPrint, Grafcut is a long product range of paper guillotine machinery – the most popular being the G52, G52H, G73 B1, and the G73H B1. Their product range covers both hydraulic-operated and fully electro-mechanical paper guillotines that are known for their durability and superior features that make the job easier. The common features that all their products comprise are stainless steel table, 4” colour touch screen control for easy operation, full qwerty keyboard, mechanical clamps, indicator LED lights, and loads of other crucial features. The safety features are among the best in class coming from such an experienced manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. The Grafcut paper guillotines additionally feature SICK safety guarding and PLC Controllers that make them unmatchable. Their designs and manufacturing quality meet industry standards and as a result, the machinery is compliant with EN and CE standards.

In What Ways Do Grafcut Paper Guillotine Excel?

When compared to other manufacturers in the same space, indeed Grafcut stands out because of its reliability. From high efficiency to the latest standards incorporated in its product lines, EN compliance is a vital feature they offer in their product. Their guillotines are built to be versatile and offer a maximum cut width of 520 mm and a minimum of 22 mm with a height of 80mm. These specifications are ideal for most regular purposes like DIY projects, school projects, business purposes, and so on. Moreover, their design handles delicate paper stocks and digital prints with utmost care to ensure the quality is intact.

Wrapping Up

First of all, AfterPrint happens to be the pioneer in this industry because of its superior product design and efficiency of the Grafcut paper guillotines. Secondly, their fully EU-made manufacturing and high industry compliance further strengthens their product line. Lastly, the investment is worth the hype as you get everything from programmable controls, solid steel construction, swift-moving cutting parts, indicator LEDs, and crucial safety features that are often not found in other brands.