26 October 2021

What You Need To Know About Ideal Paper Trimmers

Instantly recognizable, everyone has once in their lifetime heard the name of this paper trimmer. Ideal Paper Trimmers are one of the most renowned globally available paper guillotines that come in all sizes. From large industrial-grade sizes to hand portable and desktop-placed paper trimmers, Ideal’s impressive manufacturing quality is the favorite of all those who have used it. They have more than 15 different diverse-sized and heavy-duty paper trimmers that meet all needs from small to big. From business cards, leaflets, flyers, labels, posters, to cutting delicate papers, book finishing, and cutting paper of the print size of SRA2 to SRA3, these trimmers are built to handle all.

Ideal Paper Trimmer Product Range and Features

Ideal boasts of the most widely used range of paper trimmers with the best-in-class features that have no match. From office use to home projects, these paper trimmers are superiorly engineered to sustain long use. The manufacturing is done in Germany keeping in mind EU standards and versatility. The brand manufactures some of the best paper guillotines that are even apt for businesses looking for expansion of their printing business. The designs of various Ideal Paper Trimmer models speak highly of the machine’s scalability of production and durability. The most noteworthy features that stand out in the competitive market are fully programmable operation, 4 IR Safety curtains, accuracy to 0.1mm, digital readout for cut measurements, memory key for repetition, and a maximum cut length of 450mm which is massive for business or domestic needs. The guillotines come in a range of sizes that make them ideal for various purposes and the efficiency is checked before releasing it into the market. The Ideal Paper Trimmers are an ideal choice for those having small businesses at home or even for large printing presses with huge printing loads.

Why choose Ideal Paper Trimmer?

Large production houses have huge loads every day and the types of machinery used should be heavy-duty, not to mention long-lasting and efficient. The machinery needed for small home businesses is cheaper than large industry-sized machinery. Nevertheless, the investment should suffice for a long time with more than satisfactory efficiency. All of these factors are combined by Ideal in the designing and manufacturing stages of their paper trimmers. After all, the hype around Ideal Paper Trimmers is not falsely created. Lastly, the safety features included in the product like IR Safety curtains make for a great addition to the already noteworthy features.

Wrapping Up

Be it small handy paper trimmers or industry-sized large guillotines, paper trimmers are always in demand in the printing industry. Hence, the machinery should be apt for enduring heavy loads throughout the day with high efficiency and accuracy. This is especially true for large printing presses. Afterprint’s 50 years of rich experience in the printing machinery manufacturing industry makes them the best candidate in this matter. As a result, Ideal Paper Trimmers have rightly developed to be the most widely accepted in terms of cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and accuracy.