11 November 2021

Why buy paper shredding machines?

Before getting into detail, you must know the reason why companies rely on paper shredders. One of the reasons is that office paper shredders are essential equipment in any office dealings with sensitive information. We AfterPrint, stock a wide variety of small office and large industrial shredders, to help you in buying perfect paper shredders according to your requirements because protecting your company and documents having sensitive information from identity theft and other criminal activities is very important.

AfterPrint office shredding machines are the best option for offices as well as home tasks. So, buying an appropriate shredding machine is a necessity. With our vast industrial knowledge and years of experience in print finishing media, we are proudly distributing the quality products of some world’s market-leading brands to our customers.

Security Measures

We are providing high-quality shredding machines to protect sensitive paperwork such as company plans, forecasts, company lists, cost prices, salaries lists, etc. that are at the stake of stealing, fraud, or identity theft by the competitors. These shredding machines help you dispose of the data once it is not relevant.

Organize Your Area

If you are worried about not taking risk of throwing your sensitive information documents, AfterPrint is here to assist you with your worries. By moving all the information into digital form, it is time to get rid of physical clutter by using paper shredders.

Privacy compliance

It is a law that states that companies should shred their sensitive documents and comply with privacy laws to provide their customers, clients, and patients with higher privacy.


Choosing shredding companies means using environmental friendly services, because every bit of shredded paper can be recycled into different paper items like tissues, toilet papers, etc.

We Are the Specialists

Firstly, you must know the volume of shredding before purchasing any paper shredder. AfterPrint suggests you buy the paper shredder that fulfills your shredding level requirements.

Range of Paper Shredders at AfterPrint

We have some great office shredders that include Ideal 2445, and Ideal 4005 for smaller offices and departments, Ideal 4606, Ideal 4108, and Ideal 5009 along with strip-cut and cross-cut options. These models have a wide range of shredding abilities such as Ideal 4005 can shred 21 sheets at one time. Ideal 4606 and 5009 can shred 70-700 sheets at a time. These are ideal for heavier duty demands.

Properties of Paper Shredders

The highlights our paper shredder machines offer include:

  • Office and departmental shredding
  • ECC capacity control
  • Protection system
  • Capacity of shredding DVDs, CDs, Credit cards
  • Wider opening
  • Quiet and powerful motors
  • Higher security rankings
  • Shredding abilities of 21-700 sheets
  • Lifetime guarantee of cutting shafts

Place Your Queries Today

Protect yourself and your business with AfterPrint service. Please contact AfterPrint for your queries about paper shredders today. Our professional and experienced team is available to assist you best with any kind of troubleshooting, whether it is about protecting your personal information or problems with consistent usage. For more information, you can check our website!