12 April 2021

Why Should I Use Shredding Machines?

Office paper shredding machines from AfterPrint are an absolute necessity in today’s business world plus within your own home.

Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the country, with the level of sophistication of criminality rising. According to the BBC’s Money programme, identity theft is Britain’s fastest-growing white-collar crime, with an increase of nearly 500% each year. This means purchasing appropriate destruction machinery an essential.

Shredding Machines are an Extension of Security

We are all aware of how important it is to protect ourselves, our families and businesses from unscrupulous individual’s intent on harm.

It is a basic human instinct to provide as much security as possible to deter unwanted attention. At home this could be by locking doors, installing burglar alarms and being part of neighbourhood watch schemes. Businesses will spend millions each year on CCTV, key or card entry systems plus electronic surveillance equipment which includes employing highly-trained security guards to stop criminals from entering their premises and stealing possessions.

This begs the question, why would we not protect our highly prised personal details for our companies in the same way?

Sensitive business paperwork such as sales forecasts, company future plans, customer lists, cost prices, staff salaries and anything that could allow competitors to steal your customers and ruin your business need to be disposed of properly using shredding machines once the data is no longer relevant.

Work with the Specialists

In order to choose the best shredder, you should first consider what you are planning to use it for.

Shredders are often purchased based on their price, which could result in further data loss due to the machine being too slow or troublesome. AfterPrint would always recommend thinking before you buy to ensure you get the shredder to meet your specific requirements.

We currently have three models of shredder in stock, including the Ideal 4606, 4108 and 5009, with cross cut and strip cut options available.

If you have any questions about shredding machines, please do not hesitate to contact AfterPrint today.