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Binding Wires by Afterprint Ltd

Binding wires are used to create wire bound documents, a popular commercial book binding method. Wire binding involves punching holes into a document, then binding the document using a steel wire. Unlike spiral binding which uses a single wire, wire binding uses a twin loop wire to bind the document. As a result, it is often referred to as Twin Loop Wire Bind although it has many names associated with it.

Documents that are bound with a twin loop wire will open completely flat on a desk. The wire allows for 360 degree rotation of the bound pages. The bind once applied is strong and can be handled thousands of times. The strength of the bind makes it a popular choice for corporates and legal companies.

Calendars are created using binding wires. Both desktop tent style and wall hanging calendars can be created. Wall hanging calendars require the use of Calendar Hangers. Adding a hanger to your wire bound document allows the creation of bespoke calendars.

Common applications include note pads, financial documents, educational aids, diaries & of course calendars.

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