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Guillotine Cut Sticks

Guillotine Cut Sticks

Afterprint Ltd supplies a wide range of guillotine cut sticks for all leading brands of Paper Guillotine. These include Ideal, EBA, Polar Mohr, Grafcut, Perfecta, Wohlenberg, Duplo PFI Sunray & Horizon.

Manufactured in Europe using high-quality injection moulding machinery and sold in packs of 5 or 20 sticks. Each stick has either 4 or 8 cutting positions for continued performance.

All guillotines use a cutting stick to provide a receiver strip for the Guillotine Blade to cut into. The resin used is designed to allow the blade to penetrate without causing damage to the blade.

Is your current Guillotine Blade Blunt or offering poor performance? It may just need sharpening. We offer a Blade Sharpening Service with fast turnaround and free return carriage. Simply select Blade Sharpening Option to Book Online or Click Here

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