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Guillotine Blades | Trimmer Blades | Blade Sharpening

Guillotine Blade Sharpening

  • Professional Blade Sharpening Services
  • Blades are Cleaned, Ground, Hand-Honed & Checked for Straightness
  • All Paper Guillotine Blades up to 1,000mm in Length
  • Single Guillotine Blades & Trimmer Blade Sets (Booklet Makers & Scissor Action Blades)
  • Sharpening of Standard, High Speed & Super High Speed Steel Blades
  • Call 01925 611560 if you Require TCT/Tungsten Carbide Blade Sharpening
  • Fast Turnaround – Blades are Returned by Parcel Force within 5-7 days
  • Simply Select your Guillotine Blade Type & State if Any Damage or Chips
  • Book Online Before Shipping your Blade to Us
  • Unsure? Call us for Expert Advice
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£30.00 - £85.00 ex VAT

£36.00 - £102.00 incl VAT



Guillotine Blade Sharpening on all types of Paper Guillotine Blades & Trimmer Blade Sets up to 1,000mm in length.

All blades are cleaned, straightened, ground, hand-honed and packed away into a secure wooden crate ready for return shipping. Every knife is checked for flatness and straightness to guarantee what you get back performs as it should.

Please note that each sharpen removes 0.5mm of the blade tip providing there are no chips or damage to the blade. Blades with damage or deeper chips will require double grinding and will incur an additional charge of £10.00 + VAT. Please ensure we are made aware of any deep chips or damage to the blade at the point of purchase.

Your blade must be returned in the secure wooden transport crate. If you don’t have a wooden crate we can provide these for £25.00 + VAT which includes shipping the crate to you. Blades are sharpened and returned normally within 5-7 days, if you require a quicker return please call us to arrange.

Keep your blade sharp to save money and time. A dull knife is an unnecessary waste, especially in today’s competitive market. It must push its way through the media being cut which requires up to 4 times more force than the same cut with a sharp blade. A dull knife increases energy consumption, wears the guillotine prematurely and drives up production costs due to inferior work. For example, a dull knife will leave a rough ‘burred’ edge on your media. This causes problems with paper separation on other production machines such as folders and creasers, creating waste and added processes to complete a job.

When to change the Guillotine Blade – Know the signs:

How do you know when your paper cutter needs sharpening? It’s the responsibility of the operator to know when a blade change is necessary, so what should they look for? A general reference is to change the blade every:

  • 2,000 Cuts when using a Standard Steel Blade
  • 4,000 Cuts when using a High Speed Steel Blade
  • 12,000 Cuts when using a TCT/Tungsten Carbide Blade

If your guillotine does not have a cut counter then other signs of a dull blade are:

  • Diminished cut quality and appearance of the media surface on the cut face
  • Changes in sound as the knife cuts through the media pile
  • A pulling or pushing movement of the pile as it is being cut
  • Scalloping of media, inaccuracies in the cut quality from top to bottom of the pile
  • Visible chips or damage on the blade, often made visible by burnishes on the cut face of the media

Any of these signs should indicate that the blade is dull and requires changing. Frequent blade sharpening will materially lengthen the life of your blade, saving you money in the longer term.

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