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CreaseStream Quick-feed MKII

  • Eliminates fibre cracking on a full range of digital & offset media
  • Unique 9cm top load continuous Gravity Flow Feeder
  • Gravity flow feeder technology prevents toner scratching & marking on feed
  • Patented tri-creaser advance technology (Creases both sides of the sheet)
  • Outputs an average of 2,500 to 3,000 sheets per hour (operator dependent)
  • 9 Times faster than a handle or foot pedal operated creaser
  • Complete with 2 creasing tools or 1 crease & 1 micro-perforation tool
  • Simple colour coding system makes changing of crease styles quick and easy
  • Apply multiple creases in the same pass
  • Crease positively or negatively to suit your application (In the same pass if needed)
  • Hand crank operation – requires no electrical power
  • In-built calliper mechanism allows instant changeover from one stock to another
  • Ideal for Low Volume Production of Greeting Cards, Menu’s & Folded Leaflets
  • Crease up to 400gsm Stock
  • Robust All Steel Construction
  • Perfect for Copy Shops, Commercial Print, Funeral Directors & Universities
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The CreaseStream Quick-feed MKII is the ideal digital finishing solution for businesses that have medium to low production requirements but tight timescales. Based on the original Quick-feed, the Quick-feed MKII has an upgraded feeder that allows you to load and process a higher stack of material. Easy top loading and a unique sheet separator allow you to feed continuously for fast output. Up to 3 times faster in fact that the entry-level CreaseStream Card Creaser Deluxe.

Digital stocks can be prone to marking or scuffing because the creaser uses a vacuum pump during feeding. The Quick-feed MKII eliminates this problem with an innovative gravity flow feeder. This gently kisses the sheets, making only minimum contact and therefore zero opportunity to mark delicate work. The end result is flawlessly creased sheets every time with no damage to the fibres of the media.

Patented Tri-Creaser Advance technology is the only application especially designed to crease both sides of the sheet to enhance crease strength and presentation. Crease ribs gently manipulate and stretches the media to eliminate cracking during the folding stage. Adjustable locking side lays guide the media into the creasing tools. Whilst guide rollers ensure the media remains square during the creasing process where up to 2 creases can be performed simultaneously. Crease tools can be reversed to crease positively into or negatively out of the sheet. This feature is very useful for fold patterns that require a positive and negative crease in the same pass, for instance a Z Fold.

The Quick-feed MKII also has the ability to produce cylinder quality micro-perforation with optional tooling. Produces fine and flat micro-perforations on materials from 60 to 350gsm. Perforation quality is so high that perforated sheets can be run through a laser or digital printer, trouble free!

Why CreaseStream?

A ground breaking approach to creasing, cutting and micro-perforating. High quality digital finishing is quick and easy with CreaseStream technology. All CreaseStream machines feature the world’s first and only rotary creasing technology, developed by printers for printers. A soft creasing rib gently stretches the material to create a deep, defined crease without damaging fibres in the stock. Innovative feeding technology maintains a fast output, no matter how many creases you need.

Why pay over the odds for high quality print finishing when you can get exceptional results from an affordable desktop creasing machine?

5 Reasons to Buy a CreaseStream Quick-feed MKII

  • Patented rotary creasing technology provides exceptional results
  • Apply positive and negative creases in the same pass
  • Up to 9 Times faster then low end handle or foot pedal creasers
  • Gravity flow feeder eliminates scuffing & marking during the feeding process
  • Process over 3,000 sheets per hour

Typical Applications – CreaseStream Quick-feed MKII

  • Greeting Cards
  • Folded Leaflets
  • Menu’s
  • Order of Service
  • Brochures
  • Book Covers
  • Flyers
  • Minimum Sheet Size – 80 x 120mm
  • Maximum Sheet Size – 520 x 520mm
  • Stock Range – 65 – 400gsm
  • Feeder Capacity – 90mm
  • Production Speeds – Up to 3,000 Sheets Per Hour
  • Crease Tools – 2 Crease Tools with Crease Ribs
  • Optional Tools – Micro-Perforation (10, 12, 17, 25, 52 & 72 tpi blades), Spine-Hinge Crease Tool
  • Creasing Depth – Adjustable
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 1,100mm x 780 x 1,030mm (On stand with Delivery Fitted)
  • Weight – 65kgs
  • Optional Accessories – Mobile Stand

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