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Planamelt & EVA Glue

D-Melt EVA Book Binding Glue

  • High Quality Hot Melt EVA Glue
  • Specially designed for the Book Binding Sector
  • Suited to Perfect, Notch, Burst & Sewn Binding
  • Clear to White Colouration
  • Packed in 1kg Tub
  • Designed for Use with all Hot Melt Binders including Multi-Clamp High Speed Binding Lines
  • Fast Drying Time – Immediate Handling Characteristics
  • Ideal for Padding Applications
  • Operating Temperature 150 to 180 degrees Celsius
  • Also Available in 20Kg Sack
  • Not Suitable for Coated or Digitally Printed Media
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Our new D-Melt EVA Book Binding Glue has been expertly developed to meet the needs of the Book Binding market. Uniquely designed to work with the latest hot melt bindery machinery, equipment and materials. Specialist adhesive experts have worked closely with machinery suppliers and bindery operators to create an  innovative, strong yet flexible bond to your book spine.

D-Melt is a smooth glue with a good cold flexibility and ideally suited for the bookbinding profession. Ideally suited to uncoated and thinner media and especially useful for padding applications. A fast drying time of around 10-15 seconds makes it ideal for padding applications or for products that need to be immediately handled or passed onto another process.

This type of Binding Glue is suited to various binding types including perfect, notch, burst & sewn binding. It works well with Lithographically printed media and high speed multi-clamp binding lines as well as single clamp entry level solutions. However, It does not react well with oil making it unsuitable for heavy coverage digital print. For digitally printed books we recommend our Planamelt R adhesive.

Compatible with all Hot Melt Binding Machinery including:

  • Duplo
  • Fastbind
  • FKS
  • Morgana
  • Muller Martini
  • Kolbus
  • Horizon
  • Wohlenberg
  • Plus Many More Hot Melt Binding Machines

Available from stock in either 1kg tubs or a large 20kg sack.

  • Product Name – D-Melt 703600
  • Product Type – EVA Hotmelt
  • Status – Stock Item
  • Softening Point – 80 Degrees Celsius
  • Viscosity – 140 Degrees C = 6500 cPs – 160 Degrees C = 3600 cPs – 180 Degrees C = 2000 cPs
  • Operating Temperature – 150 – 180 Degrees C
  • Colour – Clear/White
  • Speed of Set – Fast to Medium
  • Open Time – Medium
  • Main Usage – High quality EVA Hotmelt adhesive developed for the book binding industry
  • Suitable for – Perfect, Notch, Burst & Sewn Binding
  • Machine Types – All single or Multi-Clamp binding lines Including Horizon, Muller Martini, Kolbus, Wohlenberg Etc
  • Running Speeds – 5 to 4,000 books per hour
  • Suitable Materials – Uncoated paper
  • Pack Sizes – 1kg Tub or 20kg Sack
  • Storage – Must be kept dry

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