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Binding Glues by Afterprint Ltd

AfterPrint supply a wide range of binding glues for various book production applications. We offer the latest developments from Planatol & Henkel as well as our own range of Jelly Glue for Case Making Applications.

Here is an overview of our range.

Planamelt R

Probably our best selling Binding Glue, designed for use in Hot Melt Perfect binding machinery. Planamelt R is specially formulated to replicate the bond strength of PUR but without any of the downsides. This glue offers 90% of the adhesive strength of PUR but in a standard hot melt format. Packed in small tubs of 2.5 kgs or large 25kg sacks.

Acheebomelt BG328

Acheebomelt is a standard EVA hot melt glue, ideally suited for traditional perfect binding or padding applications. This glue has a low melting point and a very quick drying time. It is not suitable for digitally printed media or coated media. Packed in a large 20kg Tub.

PUR Glue

We offer box traditional PUR Candles as well as the Duplo specific Easyload PUR cartridges for use with the PFI2000 & PFI2100 binders. Further to this we offer a range of PUR cleaning and lubricating products to keep your machines running.

Case Making Glue

We offer our own AP863-J Jelly Glue for case making and luxury packaging applications. Designed for use in manual or semi-automated machinery.

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