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PUR Cleaners

PUR Cleaners

We stock all types of PUR Cleaners including Duplo Easy Load Cartridges, Pure Melt Pellets & Henkel Technomelt Cleaners.

A Guide to our PUR Cleaners

Melt-O-Clean – This is a surface cleaner designed for removal of glue residue from your machinery or work areas. It is dispensed from a Spray Application Gun. Made from environmentally friendly raw materials with a pleasant and refreshing odour.

Technomelt PUR Cleaner (RED) – This is an aggressive cleaning agent for the removal of Cured & Uncured PUR residue. Most commonly used during a detailed service plan by a trained engineer. Requires a 24 hour reaction time for best results.

Pure Melt PUR Cleaner – This is a daily use cleaning and sealing agent used on PUR Binders. It is designed to protect the internal pipework, nozzles & application rollers. Provides a Wax seal around PUR components, used daily as part of clean down process.

Duplo Easyload PUR Cleaner – This is a Duplo specific product designed for use with the Duplo UB2000 & UB2100 PUR Binders. An easy fit cartridge which contains Pure Melt PUR Cleaner. Used daily as part of the clean down process.

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