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Planamelt & EVA Glue

Planamelt & EVA Glue

We stock Planamelt R Digital Adhesive and D-Melt Hot Melt EVA.

A Guide to our Planamelt & EVA Binding Glues:

D-Melt EVA – Traditional EVA Hot Melt Binding Glue for use with all open tank hot melt binders. Fast drying, ideally suited to padding applications, Litho Printed work, Sewn Book Blocks or bound documents which require immediate handling. Not suitable for some coated media or full colour digital print applications.

Planamelt R – Specially formulated EVA glue which acts like PUR. Offers 90-95% bond strength of PUR glue with same layflat characteristics. Ideally suited for thicker media and digitally printed applications including full colour coverage. Longer cure time means its not ideal for Padding Applications.

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