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Wire Binding

GBC TL2600 Electric Wire Closer

  • Electrically Operated Wire Closing Machine
  • Smart Detect Technology – Automatically Detects the Wire Size
  • No Operator Setup Required – Just Press the Pedal to Close your Binding Wire
  • Perfect Closing Pressure Guaranteed
  • Durable Heavy Duty Electric Wire Closer
  • LCD Display Indicates Quantity of Binds Completed
  • Binds Documents up to 340 Sheets
  • Compatible with Size 4 to Size 24 Binding Wires
  • Bind A4, A5, & Short Edge A3 Documents
  • Pair with GBC MagnaPunch Pro or any High Speed Punch
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The GBC TL2600 electric wire closer is the first to offer Smart Detect technology. Smart detect automatically detects the wire size in use and adjusts the machine closing pressure to match the requirement. Instantly change wire sizes with zero operator input with perfect wire closing every time.

An integrated wire holder on the front of the machine makes loading the wire very easy. The wires are stood up ready for loading and can be lifted into the closer mechanism with ease. A magnetic rear plate on the TL2600 ensures the wire remains in the correct position. A simple press of the foot pedal then closes the wire perfectly. Adjustments can be made from the intuitive LCD Display to increase or reduce pressure on the closer mechanism if needed.

The TL2600 is the perfect solution for all wire binding applications. It offers the biggest technological advancement in desktop wire closing for over a decade. The perfect partner to the GBC Magnapunch Pro or any high speed punching solution.

Why GBC?

GBC is a specialist brand that manufactures high-performance business machines and systems. The GBC story began in 1947 when founder, William Lane, and two business partners helped a local printer. They created a faster, more reliable way to bind and laminate.

GBC, or General Binding Corporation, has a proven history of providing world class, innovative solutions. Often creating first to market ideas and leading the way in specialist binding and laminating. In 1960, GBC introduced the first machine to combine punching and binding, the KomboKoil. Quickly followed by the first electric desktop punch in 1961. GBC were also the first to introduce a tabletop A4 pouch laminator which they first launched in 1966.

Today, GBC has over 70 years of industry expertise; becoming the Global Leader in Binding and desktop laminating.

5 Reasons to Buy a GBC TL2600

  • Smart Detect Technology – Auto detects the wire size in use
  • Perfect wire closing with zero operator setup
  • Change from wire size to wire size instantly
  • Effortless Closing of Binding Wires
  • Binds documents from 2 to 340 sheets

Typical Applications – GBC TL2600

  • Financial Reports
  • Company Minutes
  • Tender Documents
  • Staff Handbooks
  • Calendar Production
  • Punching Operation – Does Not Have a Punching Capability
  • Closing Operation – Electric with Smart Detect Technology
  • Closes Pitch – 3:1 & 2:1
  • Max Binding Width – 320mm
  • Min Binding Width – 10mm
  • Selectable Wire Sizes – Yes Automatically via Smart Detect
  • Binding Capacity – 38.4mm (340 sheets or Size 24 Binding Wire)
  • Binding Elements – Size 4 to Size 24
  • No of Books Per Hour – 250-300
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 340 x 340 x 280mm
  • Weight – 12kgs
  • Power Requirement – 230V 13A


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