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Wire Binding

Renz ECO S 360 Wire Binding Machine

  • Manually Operated Wire Binding Machine
  • 2:1 Pitch – Fixed Tool 5.5 x 3.5mm Oblong Holes
  • Punches up to 25 Sheets at Once
  • Binds Documents up to 340 Sheets
  • 28 Selectable Punching Pins
  • Separate Levers for Punching & Wire Closing
  • Closure Control System Guarantees Perfect Presentations
  • Compatible with One Pitch Wires Size 4 to Size 24 Binding Wires
  • Punch & Bind A4, A5, & Short Edge A3 Documents
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The Renz ECO S 360 Wire Binding Machine is a combined 2:1 wire punch and closer. The Renz ECO S incorporates Renz’s twin lever format for separate punching and closing actions. 28 selectable punching pins located on the top of the machine complete the package.

The introduction of the 28 selectable pins makes the Renz ECO S wire binding machine even more versatile and infinitely flexible. The ability to deactivate a certain punch pin is particularly handy for calendar work or odd-sized documents. Further enhancing the machine’s appeal to a professional audience.

The Renz ECO S has all the features you would expect from Renz. Functional and easy to use with heavy-duty all steel construction. Integrated wire hanger for easy book assembly and book thickness indicator. Reliable punching mechanism capable of punching up to 2.5mm of material (Approx 25 Sheets). Renz’s unique closure control system that guarantees accurate perfect wire closing with zero effort.

The unique modular design further enhances the flexibility. An electric modular motor can upgrade a manual ECO S to an electric punch. Thus, allowing the Renz ECO S to grow as your business demands change, whilst also improving production speeds; And lowering reliance on the operator.

The Renz ECO S 360 is compatible with Renz One Pitch Binding Wires. This enables this model to punch and bind all documents from 2 to 340 sheets on one machine. It is the ideal solution for corporate accounts looking for a low cost wire binder for any document size. Flexibility and modularity have ensured the Renz ECO S 360 remains our best selling manually operated 2:1 Pitch wire binding machine.


Why Renz?

High-quality, adaptable German engineered systems for any loose-leaf punching or binding style. Renz manufacturer state of the art punching, binding and laminating systems, from desktop to high output automated line equipment. Renz machines will make it easier to keep jobs in-house, allowing you to maintain a quick turnaround and maximise your return on investment.

Decades of experience designing and manufacturing punching, binding and laminating equipment. Recognised as the leading manufacturer in the punching and binding industry.

5 Reasons to Buy a Renz ECO S 360

  • Binds from 2 to 340 Sheets on one machine when used with Renz One Pitch Binding Wires
  • Heavy duty construction & compact design
  • QSA (Quick Size Adjustment) for high flexibility of different paper formats A4, A5, A3 etc
  • Closure control system guarantees easy wire closing & perfect presentations
  • Ergonomic design guarantees ease of use

Typical Applications – Renz ECO S 360

  • Financial Reports
  • Company Minutes
  • Tender Documents
  • Staff Handbooks
  • Thicker Documents up to 340 Sheets
  • Punching Operation – Manual
  • Closing Operation – Manual
  • Pitch – 2:1
  • Punch Die Tool – 5.5 x 3.5mm Oblong (Fixed tool)
  • Max Punching/Binding Width – 360mm
  • Min Punching/Binding Width – 10mm
  • Selectable Punch Pins (QSA) – Yes 28 Pins
  • Variable Margin Depth – Yes
  • Punching Capacity – 2.5mm
  • Binding Capacity – 38mm (340 sheets or Size 24 Binding Wire)
  • Binding Elements – Size 4 to Size 24 (Renz One Pitch)
  • No of Books Per Hour – 200
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 330 x 560 x 180mm
  • Weight – 13kgs
  • Power Requirement – N/A


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