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Pouch Laminators

Revo ANY Auto Laminator

  • Fully Automated Laminating
  • Load up & Walk Away – No Operator Required
  • Automatic Trimming with Auto Sheet Recognition
  • Easy Loading Film Cassette
  • Perfect Sheet Alignment with Uniform Border (Adjustable)
  • Produce up to 200 Finished Laminates Per Hour
  • Gloss Only Films Available
  • Zero Film Waste – Economical to Run
  • Very Reliable High Volume Automated Laminator
  • Free Trial Available
  • Perfect for Schools, Colleges, Offices, Councils, Garden Centres, Copy Shops etc
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£2,994.00 inc VAT

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Revo ANY is the entry level automatic laminating system that fits ANYwhere and combines feeding, laminating and cutting in one process. Set the number of sheets, margin sizes and push the start button – no need to stand and oversee production, the Revo ANY will automatically stop when the sheets are laminated and cut.

This ingenious design incorporates a highly reliable automatic feed system which requires no setup. Heated silicone rollers laminate extremely resilient glossy films and protect the media from water damage, scuffing and ultraviolet light damage. An integrated cross-cutting blade at the rear of the machine accurately cuts each finished sheet. Delivering a fully laminated sheet with a uniform border onto the delivery tray without the need for an operator.

Near silent in operation making it suitable for use in any environment without the risk of noise interference. The simple operation ensures a perfect result every time, regardless of paper type, ink coverage or finishes required. Auto trimming between each sheet at a continually uniform position. In addition to ensuring perfect paper alignment eliminating errors and removing the production of any waste materials. Adjustable borders from 3 to 10mm, allow for special applications such as binding through the laminated edge to keep the document water resistant. Cost-effective for volumes as low as 1 or as high as 1,000 sheets.

The Revo ANY removes all the effort, stress and time from traditional pouch laminating, simply load up, hit go and walk away.  The Revo ANY fully automates the pouch laminating process and can produce up to 2 times more finished product than an equivalent high-speed pouch laminator, all without an operator, what could be easier?

Why Lami Corp Revo?

Lami Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of high end laminating solutions established in 1980. The Revo Series was first introduced in 2006 to the Japanese market. Then quickly launched across Asia and the United States. Lami Europe was established in 2018 with AfterPrint Ltd chosen as their UK Partner. Representing all Lami products including the Revo series of automated laminators.

The idea of the Revo series of automated laminators is to offer a solution to replace traditional pouch laminating. Pouch laminating is often considered a low cost option to protect and enhance your prints. However, if you consider the labour costs to stand over a machine and produce each laminate individually you will appreciate why the Revo Series has been introduced. Push button simplicity with Japanese build quality, a perfect combination.

All of the Revo Auto Laminating Machines are built to extremely high standards with steel and chain drive mechanism guaranteeing a lifetime of trouble free operation. High quality internal components ensure market leading performance and reliability. In addition to unrivalled technical support, off the shelf parts in the UK and an unlimited usage warranty.

5 Reasons to Buy a Revo ANY
  • Fully Automated Laminating in a Compact Design
  • Creates up to 200 Finished A4 Pieces an Hour or 100 A3 pieces
  • No Special Skills or Training Needed
  • Unrivalled Build Quality
  • Economical to Run
Typical Applications – Revo ANY
  • Pouch Laminating Applications
  • Protect & Enhance your Prints
  • Posters
  • Signage
  • Site Plans
  • Instructional Documents
  • General Encapsulation
  • Protection of Documents in a Ring Binder (Extended Border)
  • Production Speed – Up to 200 Sheets Per Hour
  • Cycling Speed – Fixed 0.7 Metre per Minute
  • Maximum Sheet Weight – 160gsm
  • Minimum Sheet Weight – 80gsm
  • Maximum Sheet Size – 297mm x Infinite Length
  • Minimum Sheet Size – 210 x 148mm
  • Laminating Temperature Range – 0/140 Degrees Celsius
  • Warm Up Time – Under 5 Minutes
  • Laminate Film Types – Gloss Only
  • Film Thicknesses – 50, 80, 125 Micron
  • Loading Method – Easy Click In Film Rolls with Wide Opening for Easy Access
  • Feeding Method – Automated
  • Cutting Method – Cyclone Blade (Self Sharpening)
  • Borders – Fully Adjustable on Leading & Trailing Edge (3-10mm)

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